Latitude 41 Mystic Seaport Wedding with Coastal Gourmet and Carla Ten Eyck


After fifteen years of photographing weddings, I have come to the conclusion that intimate weddings are something super special. A small, curated group of the most meaningful members of your life, all there supporting your choice to join your life to your partners life, just gives me the feels. Each person is hand picked to be there, each person has a unique and special connection to the couple. There is nothing quite like it! Peter and Tori had such a powerful and loving connection with one another before the wedding and especially on the wedding day. When they came and met with me before their wedding, they were so easy and comfortable with one another, and with me which is also super helpful to have a great connection with your photographer for the day! The gave one another space, but loved being close, smiled often at one another and were just wrapped up in the moment, all day long. It was special to witness, especially when it was just the three of us poking along the Mystic Seaport, after everyone else had gone for the day, and the sun was still warm in the sky and gave us some really beautiful light. We popped into corners all over the Seaport, and had a great time chasing the light! Peter is also really into photography so I can bet it was fun to spot things and listen to me chatter on about how amazing this little spot was and that little spot was! I mean, yes, I could go on forever about all things photography especially if someone is interested in it as well! The most important part is creating a beautiful visual narrative of your day, for you both, that represents how you were feeling on the day you both decided to officially join your lives together! I can’t wait to lay your album out, Peter and Tori, and see your story unfold for years to come! XOXO

Creative Partners for the Day:

Ceremony location: Mystic Seaport Museum, Greenmanville Church, Mystic CT

Venue: Latitude 41 Restaurant, Mystic Seaport, Mystic CT

Flowers: Hana Floral, Noank CT

Catering + Coordination: Coastal Gourmet, Mystic CT

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