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This is a year of new things, and I am excited, nervous and ready for it all! After years of turning work away to do family portraits for people, I have decided to say yes to it… but with some stipulations. I want to create portraits my way. With light that gives me butterflies, in a space that I love, with a finished product that I am proud to share. Proud to hang in my home, have framed by my bed, where I can wake up to images of my family that fill me and help me see how lucky I am, each and every day! What could be better than that?

So I created something that I am so proud of. I heard this amazing photographer speak at Inspire Photo Retreats a few years back, her name is Jennifer Hudson and she is just out of this world talented. She explained how she sets up a studio that creates the light that she wants to work with and I remember having an ‘a-HA’ moment to myself and thinking that this could be a building block for me and what tends to hold me back from just jumping in and creating portraits for families. Light is a tricky beast and it’s one that I love to tame and make mine. I love soft, flattering, curvy light. I love light that snuggles you and makes you glow. Soft. Perfect. Light. My second love? My home. I have worked hard at creating a home for my family that is warm, welcoming, light-filled. Colorful rooms that visually hug you when you look at them! I love being in my space so so much. So I set up a test shoot this past weekend with my people and am just in love with what I created. I am literally OB-SESSED with the image of my kids above. I can’t stop thinking about it! And so, I am ordering a canvas as soon as I am done with this blog post, I can’t take it anymore! I want to look at this image every day, multiple times a day! Even though the kids just had on their Sunday Snuggle -wear on, and Jack’s shirt has a logo, and well, it’s not styled or perfect or anything. But it’s my life. It’s real. Jack has slippers on, the sun is shining in my yard and we are all just wrapped up in this sweet, soft, lovable light. It’s true, and beautiful and real.

Of course, I was all pumped up beyond what is my normal heart rate and had to keep photographing and so I had my man-bestie Joel jump in with my kids. I just love these images so much, and how different and special they each are. Their Dad was stopping by to pick them up for the week and I had him jump in for a quick session with the kids. I don’t think I have photographed them all together since before we got divorced over three years ago and my heart was filled with nostalgia and love as I photographed them. Joel got a killer image of Dave and GG that I hope he shares, it is such a sweet moment between father and daughter! And then there’s my Pop. A Grade-A Jamon for my camera, he is always ready to go! I love being able to create such personality-filled images of my Pop that I know aren’t only for me. And as quick and as casual as they may seem, they go deeper for me. I know I will treasure all of these images forever.

Which brought me to two Sundays in April where I am hosting a Mother’s Day Mini-Session with me and my stylist BFF’s at Catie & Amy on April 10 + 17! :

What: a 15-minute mini portrait session and a mini hair and makeup treat with Catie & Amy! Come with your Momma or surprise her with a portrait of you and your siblings or your kids!
when: Sunday, April 10 + 17
where: my studio in Hartford
how much: $185 with an 8×10 print and hair and makeup for two ladies! (upgrades for full hair and makeup, digital downloads etc. are available)

sign up by emailing me at to secure your spot now, there are only a few spots left!



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