mixnutz lime at foul bay


Yeah right? You have NO CLUE WHAT I JUST SAID IN MY TITLE!! Hanging in Barbados this past New Year’s was a trip of a lifetime, and it was made possible by this crew of pretty amazing men from Barbados: the Mixnutz guys! I never did ask them where they got their name from because I was too distracted by how kick ass their party was to even wonder!! After the stress of planning a big bash for 600 people waned, it was party time all over the island! We met up with the boys at Foul Bay– after a magical walk through a jungle to end up here where they set up a grill and had a cooler and we listened to some music and traded stories over the roar of the waves! Say what?

Say hello to Nick aka SLUGGIT! I have no clue how you spell SLUGGIT or what it means but this guy was a hugging MACHINE on New Year’s all full of love for everyone! I was the recipient of some hugging (you all know how I love to snuggle!) so I was pretty happy minus the time where he put me in a hug head lock! This guy is as easy going as it gets, and I can’t wait to get my SLUGGIT hug on again soon!


Craig and I didn’t get as much time to spoon, but just you wait, sir. Just you wait!


Clint looks like a cross between Mark Wahlberg with his sunglasses on and a Bajan Jon Bon Jovi without! Tell me I’m wrong!


This guy was like, all rolling around in the sand or something! Cody is a constant joker, but he can grill up some steaks for me anytime!



Here we are to my buddy!!! The future husband to my Bajan Bestie, Miss Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events! Mr. Jason Kistoo- or K2 as he is affectionately known to everyone- recently relocated down there when she met this lovely man! And who wouldn’t? He can COOK! And he can tell a story! I adore you so MUCH K2!!!!


BEAN! Shoot I don’t think I even remember his real name! He is one of the sweetest guys I got to meet, always so polite!



I only missed my other buddy Sam, SLUGGIT’s brother who kind of looks like Santa Claus if he were a young Bajan surfer! I swear Sam’s eyes twinkled and he rocked a giant beard! It’s quite the picture in you your head… maybe that is even better than seeing him!

Thank you to this amazing group of old friends for bringing me and Dave Noonan down to photograph your amazing event! We can’t wait to come back and see you all!! Happy New Year!


  1. Malou says:

    What a great post! These photos & captions perfectly sum up this fun, talented and hard working group of guys 🙂

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