I am going to spank 2015

In the sage words of Semisonic, ‘Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.’

Thank you 2014 for not making anything easy on me. Thank you for pushing me to my limit, for asking for more, for not settling for anything less than what I was capable of giving. Thank you for making me the best parent that I can be, for not accepting that I have work to do, people to follow up with, images to edit. My kids matter the most. Thank you for keeping that front and center to me, always.

Thank you for the amazing years I had having my associate photographers Julie and Jasmine for as long as we did. What beautiful souls those two are, I am so happy to see them both flourish on their own and grow as women and artists. It was quite a ride, so many memories, so many instagrams and so many private jokes!

Thank you for my beautiful amazing staff that is Ryan + Philitha. Such loyal workhorses who just love coming to work and hunkering down. Who love consulting the Ken + Barbie book for sage life advice. Who are in it 150% with me. Thank you both so so much from the bottom of my big pink heart!

Thank you for my man-team that is C10 Studios. These talented photographers that are Dave, Jake and Dorian are just a squad of class. Even if that sentence sounded so clumsy and weird! They are hard working, dedicated and so much fun I just love you all, thank you so much for sticking by me and being on my team!

When it’s all said and done, all I really need to do is connect with twenty clients each year. Twenty couples who love my work, who laugh at my silliness, who can see how much of my heart and soul I pour into my work, but more importantly into my life. In the grandest scheme of life and numbers, twenty is not a big number! But it helps to settle my mind when I am doubtful, when connecting seems to be a little harder because of all of the noise that’s out there. Just take a breath, and listen close. I am right here!

In my old age, 2014 has helped wisen me to who I surround myself with. Who I let into my inner circle. Who I allow to affect my day to day. It’s been quite a process for me as a person and friend, knowing when to say enough is enough and phase people out, or when to be just a little more patient, a little more open to the work we all have to sludge through as people who are constantly changing and evolving into who we are supposed to be. It’s a tricky thing, that. Protecting your heart, your light. Being able to see who you are supposed to be in this life. It’s something I take great joy in discovering with myself if I am being honest! I love the life lessons I keep learning along the way, I love how open I am being with myself, my children and my people about it! It’s not about judging or any of that simple bs. It’s about listening to yourself and questioning yourself and seeing yourself. Even at 41 I am open to change, I am open to learning more about myself and growing more as a person. We all can affect change in this world in even the smallest of ways, and I am charging myself with taking responsibility for that and how my energy can and does affect people around me!

For my business, 2015 you will be my boo. You are already helping me tighten up protocols, rethinking how things do or don’t work, be open to changing things for the betterment of my business. See, this is my life. This is what I was put on this earth to do, to create images. But to me it’s way bigger than that. It’s about connecting people to each other, to themselves, to their families, to me. To us all. It’s beyond the simplicity of just ‘taking a picture’ because I am not ‘taking’ anything. I am creating. I am reflecting back to you what you need to see in yourself!

What this all means to me? I am learning to listen more, remember more. See more. Be present more and be the best Mom I can be! Happy New Year to all of my clients, family and friends, thank you for an amazing year!



  1. Eileen says:

    Y’all got me grinning like a damn fool scrolling through these pics! First–love every word you wrote. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Carla–you are a force. A light. I have never known anyone like you. You radiate joy and love and enthusiasm. You are electric. (Not just your hair color!)

    I will always count myself lucky to have known you.

    And I still want you to make a book of your selfies. They are the best. Especially the helicopter shot.


  2. Mwaw – sending a kiss from VT – get fired up for 2015 – so lucky to know you. xoxo

  3. Carla Ten Eyck says:

    oh Eileen! Make me a playlist girl, SHIT!

  4. Tammy Swales says:

    Girl. LOVE. I smiled allllll the way through this! I’m inspired! And honored to be your friend. Every single damn day.


  5. Jeanne webb says:

    Happy year from new mexico

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