Engagement Session at Yale New Haven CT

A couple smiles during their engagement session at Yale in New Haven CT

Any opportunity to do an engagement session at Yale in New Haven is always a YES for me!

Before leaving Yale for good and making their big move out west to the rolling mountains of Colorado, Christina and Nick wanted to say goodbye to their home and most importantly Yale before heading out. So we meandered around the Yale campus to places that meant something to them both- the dorms, all of the amazing secret hallways, the massive and gorgeous libraries that looked like movie sets, the massive halls… it was so much fun to explore this beautiful old historic famous Yale campus, riddled with history and stories, but most importantly their memories with each other.

I love hearing how my couples meet one another. I love learning about when they knew that they were ‘the one’. I am a true romantic at heart and love being around people in love! Add to that, being around two funny and sweet people poking around the coolest college campus probably in the world?? Um. Yeah. Day MADE.

Nick and Christina I am truly looking forward to seeing you both for your wedding in Colorado next year! Thank you for choosing me to capture your spirit and love at Yale! XO

beauty and hair by Catie Bane of Willow Salon, Guilford CT


Being allowed access to the interior courtyards where the dorms are is such a special treat! They are gorgeous and everything they are made out to be in the movies.


Like, come ON. Can you BE any more of a New England college stereotype?? I am obsessed!

YALE_ENGAGEMENT_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-4 YALE_ENGAGEMENT_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-5 A couple embraces on the campus of Yale during their engagement session in New Haven CT YALE_ENGAGEMENT_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-7

The romance! Come on guys, seriously.

An engaged couple during their engagement session on the Yale campus in New Haven CT

This particular gate is one of the most visually ‘famous’ on the Yale campus in New Haven. It’s so stunning, the patina just makes my mouth water. It is a treasure for photographers to know where it’s tucked away because inevitably our clients will ask about the famous gate at Yale, and I am more than happy to oblige them!

An engagement session in front of a gorgeous gate on the campus of Yale in New Haven CT YALE_ENGAGEMENT_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-10 YALE_ENGAGEMENT_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-11 YALE_ENGAGEMENT_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-12 YALE_ENGAGEMENT_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-13 YALE_ENGAGEMENT_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-14 A couple poses on the Yale campus in New Haven CT during their engagement session YALE_ENGAGEMENT_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-16

As we were poking around the Yale campus we tried the door to the theatre and… well it was open! How could we resit doing a few pics here. We couldn’t, and so we did!

An engagement session on the campus of Yale in New Haven CT YALE_ENGAGEMENT_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-18 A couple sits in the middle of the theatre on the Yale campus during their engagement session in New Haven CT YALE_ENGAGEMENT_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-20

After our campus tour of Yale in New Haven we scooted on over to one of my very favorite places, The Study at the Yale Hotel ¬†in New Haven. It’s gorgeous, has a great restaurant and is also a great place to grab a cocktail!


Check out this amazing view of the Yale Campus in New Haven! Just breath taking and the perfect way to end our session!


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