downtown hartford elopement by carla ten eyck


Intimate, mid-week weddings seem to be my JAM this summer!! Not sure how or why… but I’ll take it!  There is something so…dare I say intimate..? ha ha about them! That I am only one of three people or less present at such a big day is something so special to me. The focus becomes so much more on the couple, their vows and the sheer act of getting married. Lauren and Patrick were married on their actual Anniversary of August 1 in a city they, and I, love to pieces.. downtown Hartford, CT. Hartford is one of the most beautiful cities to me… it is filled with so much beautiful architecture and art. They were married underneath my favorite sculpture, Alexander Calder’s bright orange ‘Stegasaurus‘  located right between Hartford City Hall- another iconic amazing building- and The Wadsworth Atheneum. It was like an icon sandwich with an iconic orange filling! For me, anyway!! With a side of love!

OK, I digress.But not really! During our shoot we had so many conversations about Hartford and how many little secret spots it has.. I was telling them how often I photograph here but how each time I discover something new and beautiful! That to me is the biggest reward, seeing something old that you love in a new, beautiful way!

I am beyond thrilled with how these images came out, I feel like their love and excitement just reaches out and grabs you… and the best part is they have been together 9 years I think??? There is a picture of Patrick holding a wallet photo of Lauren that he has had in his wallet since high school!! Not sure you can get any cuter than that? Congrats Lauren + Patrick on your wedding and thank you so much for having me there for it! XO

dress: Anthropologie

flowers: hand picked wildflowers in Hartford! bouquet by Nina Salazar


  1. Zax says:

    Did you have to get a permit to get married at that spot? We were looking at doing something similar!

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