Copper Beech Inn Inspiration with Carla Ten Eyck

A model laughs at a styled shoot at the Copper Beech Inn in Ivoryton CT

The Copper Beech Inn provided inspiration for our creative collaboration with industry friends. It is one of my favorite favorite things to do. I can’t stress that enough! We are given a blank slate, essentially, and then a design direction, and then the green light flashes and we all retreat into our collective creative corners and return to the ring with our vision and just let it all fly! At the same time, we are open to trusting our partners and tweaking things even more once we arrive and the light changes or something doesn’t work or even better something works way better than we thought and then this little thing gets thrown in and that little thing gets taken out and then BAM an entirely new vibe is created! All of this is based on trust, and talent and respect and it is honestly my favorite way to party down with my industry friends!

I love to look at these shoots as a way to create some beautiful content with creatives that I want to publicly align my business with, right? It’s saying to our potential and current clients: ‘HEY! Look at what we can create together?’ and also provides each team with a real-life look at how it feels to work with one another. Because, let’s face it, as ‘easy’ as these shoots look, there is inevitably something that doesn’t go the way we planned and being able to see how we each can or can’t roll with that is another vetting process for us all. I will only recommend people that I trust or have worked with before- and that I actually ENJOY working with. I take my recommendations to my clients VERY seriously, because they turn out to be a reflection and a connection to me! Not only that, but it gives us all a more intimate and real look into who may be a better fit for a particular type of client! I get recommendations for clients who may need a little more guidance in what to do, or someone who wants a photographer that is easy going but will also allow you as the bride or groom, to essentially check out and relax and enjoy your wedding without stressing about anything! I tend to work really well with planners because I respect their timelines and they respect my need for gorgeous light because they know they will get amazing photographs in the end for their clients. Other times, my clients may need less loud and more soft, and I have hair and makeup teams that fit the bill for that as well! But honestly, participating in these styled shoots is such an amazing way to see all of this and really let me- and them- feel each other out and see our best selves at work and play! What could be better than that?

We are thrilled that this particular shoot will be featured in the next issue of Bliss Celebrations Magazine next month! I decided that my vision for this shoot in this post anyway- would be entirely in black and white. Going against my clear and obvious love for color and embracing the bones of each image, the textures, the light and emotion. Maybe I’ll even come back with my color version of this shoot and see which ones resonate with you all more?? It’s so fun and freeing to play and experiment with this all…! So check back later and see! XO

Creative Partners:

venue: The Copper Beech Inn, Ivoryton CT

table + event concept + design: Krissy Nash Weddings + Events

fashion styling: Beth Chapman Styling, Clinton CT

gowns:   lace: Made With Love Bridal + checked gown: Caroline Herrera via The White Dress by the Shore, Clinton CT

bridesmaids gowns: Lula Kate

flower girl’s dress: Nordstrom

shoes: Kate Spade

paper + styling: Nichole Michel of Coral Pheasant Stationery + Design

hair: Renee Russo

makeup: Erica Martell

models: Maggie Inc.

cake: A Little Imagination Cakes, West Hartford CT

floral: Yumiko of Hana Florals, Noank CT

rentals: Gather + Lounge, Bridgeport CT / Ryan Designs, Narragansett Rhode Island

men’s wear: Aldo’s House of Formals

models: Maggie Inc.

linens: Taylor Rental

antiques: High St. Antiques / instagram: @highstantiques

gorgeous doggie model: courtesy of Nichole of Coral Pheasant

snuggly awesome kitties: 3 now have forever homes with ME! Baby, Nightwing + Ron Swanson! win win win win win!!! Hope from A Little Imagination Cakes adopted the last little snuggler! Can I please please please have more sessions with kittens or puppies omg!

I love the late afternoon light at the Copper Beech Inn!


Laughing and genuine emotion on a styled shoot are my LIFE GOALS! Why is everyone always so angry? They need a smack and a smile is what they need and here I am ready for it! I love this ceremony set up at the Copper Beech Inn in Ivoryton CT

A ceremony set up at the Copper Beech Inn in Ivoryton CT

The ceremony arch at the Copper Beech Inn is so so gorgeous! Big props to Yumiko of Hana Floral for bringing it!

Peek-a-boo…! I get this, then I FREAK out and laugh and get the laughing photos above. WIN WIN WIN

A bride and groom snuggle at a styled shoot at the Copper Beech Inn in Ivoryton CT

I would love to think that bow could double as a beer belly hider…or a purse! Miss Katie is crushing this whole shoot!

Copper Beech Inn in Ivoryton CT hosted an inspiration shoot


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