Connecticut Winter Maternity Session

Winter maternity session with two moms in Manchester CT

My winter maternity session at near and around Case Mountain in Manchester CT with Colleen and her wife Kristyn was literally the stuff that my dreams are made of. When Kristyn told me that she and Colleen were going to start trying for a family I was so happy. Soon after starting their journey Colleen was pregnant! I hoped they would want to do photos with me, but I was not totally sure since my buddy Kris legit hates having her photo taken. I did all of the photography for her training studio’s website, Move Strong and it took a while to get her comfortable having a camera around. Much like then, Kristyn settled in because she was doing something she truly loved; training people to be strong AF and also rehabilitating them when they were broken. With Colleen it was like I wasn’t even there, she was so happy and relaxed with her wife, the absolute love of her life, and their baby, slowly growing inside Colleen. Not to mention their kooky sweetheart of a dog, Burton, just milling about in the snow!

So Kris asked me if I would be up to doing something next time it snowed. The short answer: HELL YES! They are only a 15 or so mini drive for me, so I can do something spontaneous, since we can’t really predict when it would snow. The first storm came and Colleen’s dress wasn’t in yet, so our session was a no-go. This next storm came and Kris asked me if I could do the afternoon- also a no-go. BUT. I had a cancellation that day for something and my morning shockingly opened up: we were ON! With literally 20 minutes to pack up all her outfits, Collen threw everything in a bag and headed to Kris’ gym.

When we met up I was already freaking the eff out! LOOK AT THIS MADNESS!!!! Colleen had scouted this place out and waited patiently for the snow and did it all come together or what???? we had about an hour of me freaking out, yelling and just about ready to explode I was so happy.

Snowy winter maternity session in Manchester CT

I brought Kristyn in for some snuggle time and it was so cute. Those two are so in love!

Winter maternity session with Buffalo plaid two moms in Manchester CT

My mind was blown here. I was telling Colleen and Kris that I have dreams where I am in a scene like this with my camera but my battery is dead or I don’t have a memory card or the total wrong lens. That this was not a dream, but was in fact totally and completely REAL and I had working batteries, a camera and the proper lenses was blowing my ever-loving MIND!! A total dream come true. And Burton is just bopping about.

Walking back out of the field, we *almost* passed this little heavenly spot. I said ‘HELL NO’ and scooted them right up under this gorgeousness, toot- SWEET BABY! Not how it’s spelled maybe but who cares!! Looky-lou at these here pics and tell me how to spell!

I was shouting. Yes ma’am I was! It’s OK laugh at me all you want because THIS IS WHAT WE GET!!!

Winter maternity session with two moms and one dog at Case Mountain Manchester CT

Kris and her Jeep and her wife and her baby. Burton was here too but you can’t see him. Also her gym is right behind me. Pretty much heaven here for these two!

OK ok. I was THIS CLOSE to asking them to get in this river. TRUST ME I WAS. But, I mean… I couldn’t. But I still wanna.

Winter wonderland maternity session with two moms in Manchester CT Winter maternity session with Buffalo plaid and tow moms in Manchester CT Winter maternity session at Case Mountain in Manchester CT

At this point I am like, ladies my heart is gonna give out. Jeez Louise it’s so pretty out!

FAKE NEWS! It’s like a movie backdrop!

Winter maternity session with two Moms in Manchester CT

Literally we are done. Walking back to the gym. But then this here tree is HERE and so gorgeous. I am so spent in the best way. I loved this day so much!!Colleen and Kristyn, congrats on your new family, I can’t wait to meet this little baby!!

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