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One of the perks of traveling a lot is getting to see some pretty amazing places all over, many in the far corners of the world! But even better than that is when one of those amazing places is so close to home..! One of my favorite spa resorts  is The Ocean House in Watch Hill, […]

Wedding at The Ocean House in Watch Hill with Carla Ten Eyck

October 14, 2014

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One of the things that I love is the ability to have just super open just flat out fun with my camera and my friends and their friends and for reasons other than fun but for actual, like REASONS! Take these two– Zeke and Po! Zeke is basketball legend Isaiah Thomas’ son and a breakthrough DJ […]

Zeke and Po’s publicity shoot with Carla Ten Eyck

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This September I dove back in to something I love second to photography: teaching photography! A long, long while back, I started teaching monthly workshops on a variety of topics ranging from the camera basics to lighting to posing to how to shoot details to the business of photography. There is so much to being […]

Back to Basics Photography Workshop with Carla Ten Eyck

September 30, 2014

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Scott + Allie’s wedding at The Gershon Fox Room / Marquee Hartford this summer was something that I had been waiting a long time for…! A year before, I had conspired with Scott on their actual engagement… we secured a location (The Rose Garden in Elizabeth Park in Hartford!), timing, the plan for the day, […]

gershon fox marquee hartford wedding with carla ten eyck

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Any opportunity to do an engagement session at Yale in New Haven is always a YES for me! Before leaving Yale for good and making their big move out west to the rolling mountains of Colorado, Christina and Nick wanted to say goodbye to their home and most importantly Yale before heading out. So we […]

Engagement Session at Yale New Haven CT

August 19, 2014

An engaged couple poses on the campus of Yale in New Haven CT for their engagement session

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Intimate, mid-week weddings seem to be my JAM this summer!! Not sure how or why… but I’ll take it!  There is something so…dare I say intimate..? ha ha about them! That I am only one of three people or less present at such a big day is something so special to me. The focus becomes […]

downtown hartford elopement by carla ten eyck

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When I first met Lauryn and CJ, they showed up at my workshop to be my models for the day for a posing workshop I was teaching. I knew right from the start that they had something special together… the way they looked at each other, how kind and gentle they were with one another…it […]

intimate summer woodland wedding by carla ten eyck

August 5, 2014

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It feels weird to see how long of a hiatus I have take from teaching. After teaching for almost 7 years, every month straight! Especially when in the throes of teaching I am in my element- happy, alive, challenged, excited, electric, pumped, and just… at home. On some level my whole life I knew I […]

new photography workshops with carla ten eyck fall 2014

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Inyoung and Jonathan’s wedding at L’Escale at The Delamar Hotel in Greenwich, CT this May was an intimate and emotional day that I was so happy to be a part of! Their families traveled from far and wide, and many were meeting for the first time at the wedding. It was sweet watching all of […]

L’escale Wedding in Greenwich CT with Carla Ten Eyck

July 8, 2014

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Late this Spring I got the chance to spend some time with my former client, designer and great friend Nichole Michel of Coral Pheasant Stationery and Design. We hung out at her new-ish house in New Haven, and it is just something you have to see to believe! Her and her husband Tim has got […]

an afternoon with coral pheasant and some prime rib