2013: the year of the personal project

Winter time is the time for (most) photographers to stretch out, take a seminar and get their learn on. Many wedding photographers don’t have weddings until the spring or early summer, so this can be a nice break. Me? Nah. There’s no crying in baseball and there’s no breaks for Mami! While a short teeny tiny break in say, St. John is nice (har har) a months long no shooting break would literally break my spirit! So what to do? I say it’s the absolute perfect time for educational things like workshops, seminars, retreats etc. and also for the personal project!

I am a lover of these, and have quite a few in my card catalog brain that are in progress. My dearest project, if you can really call it that, is photographing my kids. Yes I actually have two! A lot of people think I only have Georgie, because I photograph her alone a lot. That is only because she is always down for a spontaneous photo shoot with her Momma! My guy Jack has to be in the mood…

So yesterday it snowed! And so… I asked little Geeg to go grab some colorful clothes and head outside with me! Here is what we got!

Camera body used: Nikon D4

lens: Nikon 45mm 2.8 tilt shift




George was pumped for this shot! The thing about Georgie that I love is that she has ideas on what she wants to me shoot! Nothing like a little Momma / Daughter Smash up!





uuuuuh. My little Picklepuss!!!!

Yup. All her.

This was TOTALLY her. I wanted it, I thought it, but felt like it was almost child abuse asking her to lie down on a snow covered log… but when she asked if she could how could I say no?




I hope you are inspired to go on out and photograph just because you can!


  1. JERBEAR! says:

    YO! This is awesome! MORE!

  2. JUE says:

    Yes. MORE! oh man. these are sooooooo, so super duper sweet and cute and colorful and make me happy. G is mini Carla. And, I am glad that she rocked my rainbow bright costume socks! xo

  3. Binita says:

    It’s so easy to hibernate in the winter, right? Thanks for this inspiration Carla!

  4. Marj says:

    Boy is she growing up! As usual your work is so AWESOME!

  5. Dmo says:

    What a happy uplifting little spirit you have in your life–she is an absolute joy and sooooo cute!

  6. Jazzy says:

    So wonderful to see such a beautiful post about spontaneous inspiration. Gigi is such a sweetie!

  7. Noah says:

    gorgeous shots and, of course, reflective of her spirit 🙂

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