C 10 studio e zine

A brand spanking shiny pretty new first edition of many C10 Studio E-zine is hot off the digital presses!!

All for you. All of it! Come see our latest featured weddings from some of our most favorite clients, along with some of the most talented vendors in the whole wide wedding world!

We collectively photograph a lot of weddings… like, a lot a lot. And in these travels we are so lucky to be on we come into contact with so many new people, ideas and vendors that we can’t help but want to share with all of our clients! We realize that planning and designing a wedding can be so overwhelming… thanks Pintrest! 🙂 We also know that word of mouth and honest, solid referrals are what many of my couples go on when assembling their team for the day. Because that is what you’re doing, right? Assembling your day-of dream team that are not only super talented at what they do but are also good communicators and most importantly sweet, friendly people!

A huge, huge thank you goes out to Nichole Michel of Coral Pheasant for her over the top perfect design of my studio e-zine. I still can’t get over that this is all my work here!! She made it look so slick and amazing I am filled with squishy feelings when I look at it! Nichole mostly designs any and all paper for weddings… be sure to check out the vendor spotlight next issue, it will be chock FULL of her prettiness!!

We are so excited to share this with you all!! Please, be a good friend and share some of this prettiness with your friends…!

If you have anything you would like to see in our next issue (due out in January…!) let us know!


Carla Ten Eyck

*our gorgeous cover model Liane was beautified by the mistress of face painting Miss DD of DD Nickel !!

Featured in this maiden voyage issue are:

Crocus and Hale, NOLA Bash, Datura A Modern Garden, Jubilee Events, The White Dress by the Shore, Modern Trousseau, The Plumed Serpent, Blush Floral Design, DD Nickel, Kate Spade and like, way, way more!

  1. Simone says:

    Beautiful! Congrats on the new venture!

  2. robert norman says:

    This is SO beautifully done.

    Thats it.
    I’m throwing in the towel.
    Can’t compete against this in any way, shape or form!

  3. Kris Rae says:

    Very nice! Looks great.

  4. dd says:

    Stop it!! Shut the front door! This is muy muy fantastico!

  5. Jaime says:


  6. Woot woot – looks AWESOME!!!


  7. Julie says:

    ahhh! so beautiful! so proud of you girl!

  8. Sue says:

    You keep raising the bar – – – higher and higher.

    Love the new logo and am super impressed at the quality (the content is, of course, incomparable!).

  9. Shannon says:

    Fantastic ezine! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and seeing your gorgeous images again. Well done!

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