woodbury ct autumn engagement session with carla ten eyck


I was so excited to meet up with Megan + Tim for their engagement session last fall. The day was perfect, the light was working for me and I was so inspired by the location! We poked around their property in the rolling hills of Woodbury, CT and it was just filled with so many little nooks for creating some magical images, I could barely contain myself! We got to ride around in a tractor to get to the fields and can I just say how much FUN that was?? That is so not something that I do in my day to day! Which, if I am being honest is such a great reminder to me of how different and colorful everyone’s lives are. I love that this IS their norm, scooting around the hills on an ATV or driving around a cool old tractor to maintain the land! Tim was so excited to explain and show me how it all worked, like a crazy beehive of activity on his property! I felt so peaceful there and like I was so far away from, well, everything (and I think I was..!) Which normally kind of scares me, I’ll tell you what! Nothing like the hills of CT in the fall around dusk to get you thinking about every scary movie you have ever seen!! I am such a scaredy cat and was a little thankful I got on the road before night fell and I could still see! I am sure I am alone in this, and glad that I stayed focused on these two and how much fun they were together. The cherry on top was when we thought we were finished, Tim spotted the light way up yonder over a hill and we jumped into the ATV and high-tailed it so we could get a shot of them snuggling there! It was such an adrenaline rush and we were all laughing and squealing, what’s better than that? End on a high note! Congratulations Megan + Tim, and thank you for literally having me along for the ride! XOXO



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