cancun, Mexico

Steph + Greg

I had the honor of photographing my cousin Stephanie + Greg’s wedding in Cancun, Mexico. It was so much fun to bring my family there with me, and to see them partake in the festivities that, in my normal day to day world, is considered ‘work.’ It was a welcome break from reality for me to refocus my perspective and be a part of the fun, while photographing it at the same time.
There is a distance that a camera can create for you as a photographer…. a much needed buffer where, when brought up to your eye you can go on autopilot a bit and assess light, framing, or wait patiently for that ‘perfect moment.’ I have photographed some very difficult things in my life, and during those times I have been grateful for the moment of reprieve I can get when I can turn on my photographer brain and let my emotional brain take a little break. Steph + Greg’s wedding was like this for me, a bit. For one thing, (aside from her Mom + niece Sophia) me and my kids were the only family that Steph had show up for her, for a variety of reasons. My Mom, who passed away in 2006 was not here with her sister, my aunt, on one of the biggest days of her life. It made me super sad, but also grateful that I was there representing our family for her. It was hard though, because even though as their photographer I was granted an all access pass that no one else gets on a wedding day, I was also working and trying to straddle that line of being fully present for her as her cousin, but also doing the best job I could do for her and Greg, as their photographer. In the end, I had the best time, albeit I was so HOT and sweaty beyond anything in my life I have ever experienced! I was able to see a side of my cousin, surrounded by her friends from growing up (some of which I had the pleasure of coaching in soccer when they were little!) and her San Francisco crew. I got to see Steph + Greg in their element, laughing and doing coordinated dances to Justin Bieber and just embracing her inner mermaid and being fabulous and so damn smart and the biggest lover of cats, like, ever. I felt so proud to see my little cousin all grown up, and happy. Mostly that was my takeaway. Beyond all of the fabulous images that we crafted together, and there are MANY holy moly! This was my takeaway. Steph and Greg are so so happy together. So supportive. So in it all together. Such a blessing to be there with them!

They brought the heat to their Cancun Destination Wedding

Venue: Moon Palace, Cancun Mexico

Wedding Gown: Wtoo Jasmine Gown

Paper: JP Stationary

Suit: Couture European

Maracas: Maracas Mexico

Cake Topper: Splendorlocity

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A choreographed couples dance to Justin Bieber?