North Country, New Hampshire

Courtney + Matt

Courtney’s energy is absolutely unmatched. Her smile, her laugh, her very presence makes you feel like you are getting in a sun-warmed car after hours in the air conditioning; your skin tingles as it heats up and it just feels SO. DAMN. GOOD. Being around Courtney is a special feeling. You are the most important person, the most loved, the funniest, the BEST. She brings out the light in everyone, every time. There may be a point where you ask yourself, is she for real? I am here to tell you, yes she indeed is very much for real!
I got to see her light up like Clark Griswold’s house when they finally figure out the power, with each and every friend at her wedding. Each. And. Every. Person. She comes alive, animated, smile-y, huggy as all get-out, and makes each person feel the most special, the most seen, the most loved.
She is balanced out beautifully with her husband, Matt. He is quieter, more reserved, maybe even seen as shy, or cautious. But do’t be fooled. Once he feels comfortable around you his smile breaks out quickly, he laughs and just relaxes completely.

Bringing shyer folks out of their shells is literally one of my favorite pastimes. I LOVE establishing comfort and safety and a genuine connection with people and allowing them to just be who they are. If that’s quieter, that’s beautiful because that is who they are. Not everyone can shine as bright as someone like Courtney but seeing that balance of the two of them was like a well orchestrated Coldplay song, with it’s hills and valleys and trips it takes you on, ending in one giant, fabulous peak of the song where your heart just swells and spills over. Yeah, Courtney and Matt are exactly like that.

Do you see what I mean when I say we were just meant to work together?

Cue: Adventure of a Lifetime


Rustic Woodland Wedding on Diamond Lake 

Venue: Private Home on Big Diamond Pond, Stewartstown New Hampshire

Florals: Clementina Floral Co.

Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia via Bella Sera

Catering: White Mountain Chalet Caterers

Tuxedo: Vera Wang

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