snowy session with my daughter and a nikon 105mm lens

On any given day I am always up for an impromptu photo session with my daughter. She is inspired, inspiring and willing to do whatever we need or want for the shot! This was how she always was for me, and I have been photographing her for her whole life! There was one time we did a shoot in a field and it was COLD and all she was wearing was a dress made of flowers and leaves and she was barefoot but she had a wand and that was all she needed to keep her warm! She did not complain even once, but when we were done she collapsed into a heap of chilly tears! Yes, I did in fact win the ‘Mother of the Year’ award that time around. ┬áSee photo below:

Like. Give me a break, I know! SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!! I literally just lost an hour looking for that file from 2010- but it was so worth it!!! So, you can see the muse with which I live: she inspires me on every level beyond just a subject! So all this to illustrate how effortless it is to get me to just pop outside and photograph my favorite little lady in the universe.

Now: add to this the glory and awesomeness that is LensProtoGo! I am notorious for just binging on gear and technology only to kind of lose interest in it and then have the most amazing collection of paper weights in the world. Yeah, I know, Enter: LensProtoGo! I can simply rent what I need when I need it, especially if it’s something super specific or in this case, a lens focal length that I am just not convinced is my jam. The Nikon 105mm f/2.8 is a beast of a lens! It’s chunky and has some heft to it. The focusing was quick and I played around with it while it was actually snowing, which can prove to be a pain when there is some activity pulling your focus away. Back button focusing came in quite handy for me once I locked in my focus on Geeg and then let the snow fall all willy nilly as it will do! The images are tack sharp, the color is just right for my taste and completely aligns with my look and brand. I love to squish my stuff up and make it dreamy and feel all snuggly and I really feel like this lens compressed the background on such a snuggle fest level. Yes, these are super technical terms for all of you gear heads out there! If you want more technical verbiage, well, beat it. It’s not me, I am bored just writing that BS. This lens paired with my Nikon D750 was perfect (I don’t have a grip added on), in fact if I had it on my Nikon D4 I think it would be a bit heavy, and even though I pride myself on my strength, I wouldn’t want to shoot for too long with that combo. The 70-200 plus SB900 flash is enough of a beast on the D4! Can I get an amen! See? BORING SNOOZEFEST TECH TALK. OK, I am done!

Want to give this snazzy, slippery little sweetheart of a lens a go? Hop on over to and order up! You will not be disappointed, trust me.

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