a snowy day at the beach with carla ten eyck


This weekend during another snow storm (!!) I ventured out with some colleagues and friends for some much-needed family portraits. One of the downsides to being a photographer is that most of the time we don’t end up in our own pictures! While yes, we most likely have pretty amazing images of our kids, or our spouses with our kids… we are the forgotten family member and are just not as visually present. Which is why we didn’t reschedule (as I am sure most of you were wondering why we didn’t.) Some things in life are worth making time for. This is my resolution this year, and so far I have to say I have been pretty successful in just making things happen, as much as I can. Just… make time for it. For people. For your family, your friends. Life is so busy happening right in front of us all, happening whether we play an active or a passive role in it. So, I say, make a conscious effort to be a part of your own life, become an active and willing participant in your own life. Maybe it seems silly to have to say it out loud.. but I know that it’s not a silly sentiment, to be present for those you love.

I have known Val and Jack for quite a long time now, in fact, they were some of my very first models for my first workshop I taught! I ended up teaching for 7 years straight, every month, then took a year off and am now back in the swing again.. and it was so nice to feel like we just picked up where we left off, all those years ago. Val and Jack’s kids were the most well behaved and amazing troopers I have ever seen for a shoot like this. I mean it was COLD! And snowing like crazy… and COLD!! And.. did I say it was cold? There was a point where I was fearful of dropping my lenses while changing them because I couldn’t feel my hands… it was that cold! Not a complaint was heard, and we powered through their portion quickly.. so they could go warm up.

Then I had some time with Val and Jack. It was quieter, and just nice to have them spend some time together. Before we are parents we form a loving partnership together, it’s so nice to go back to this and remember that. Like, hey. I chose you. And I still choose you. I see in you the person that I fell in love with all those years ago, who has grown and changed in amazing ways over the years with me…who is still here, solidly, happily, lovingly with me. By my side. In the freezing cold.

It’s important to document love like this. In the sun or the rain, the snow. Make a record of your time together…love and life is such a precious thing to have in the everyday, and having photographs to look back on and reflect on together is a gift. Thank you Val and Jack for spending that chilly afternoon with me and Joel and Will. Letting us bear witness to your life together, your family, your love.


hair by Catie Bane of Catie and Amy

makeup by Naomi Martinez of Naomi’s Salon



  1. OMG, love this Carla!!! It really shows us for who we are! Ava and her belly showing, lol! LOVE IT! We had so much fun and we are so very grateful to have had the privilege to have spent the day with You, Joel and Will! Thanks a million times over!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Krystal says:

    These images are gorgeous! What a beautiful moments to have to look back on. The snow just makes them that much more magical. XOXO

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