queen anne’s lace field shoot

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it probably twice… this is the year of the personal project for me, in a big way. There are a bunch of things I have in some sort of production stage- whether it’s stuff I have actually shot or things that I have  squirreled away in my pink and purple haired crazy brain for later. Waiting for the perfect time. Kind of like this here shoot. Many of you that know me know that I have been on the quest for the perfect field of Queen Anne’s Lace. For a few years now it’s been a thing that I actively enjoy while driving-whether I am alone or with my kids, it’s a family game now. I see possibility in every ababdonded lot, every overgrown front yard. Until I saw this here field. To be fair, I gotta credit my boy Mike Romano for alerting me to this field a couple of years back. Maybe it was his waaaaay understated way of telling me about it that made me not really see how dope it was.. but then I saw another photographer shoot there and I got confirmation that THIS here field was the field of my dreams. Thank you Mike. Just tell me louder next time, I’m noisy.

Enter stage left my creative force of friends ready at a moment’s notice to just shoot and have fun for no other reason than to just do that: have fun. This shoot was all set while I was sitting on a beach in Rhode Island in about 15 minutes. I threw some texts out to the world and every single person answered. Every one. I felt like a tycoon in my hat making shit happen in my bathing suit! Go on, picture it!  And for the sole reason of shooting for myself. To just have fun, for myself. I highly recommend it!

thank you DD, Tony, Cat , Elisabeth,Dana and GG for helping to feed my soul!

beauty: DD Nickel

floral art: Tony and Cat of Datura A Modern Garden

fashion: Elisabeth Panettiere

















  1. beautiful. ethereal. inspiring. thanks for sharing, girl! these photos remind me that i need to do more shooting for me. planning now!

  2. jue says:

    this is the stuff dreams are made of. beautiful work team queen anne’s lace! xo

  3. Erik says:

    beautiful. love that you’re shooting for yourself so much.

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