portsmouth new hampshire engagement with carla ten eyck


When Kate + Richard said they wanted to do their engagement session in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I was like … whaaaaat! That means an aggressive yes, as this little gem of a town on the coast of New Hampshire was always on my radar as a place I wanted to visit! I only wish I could have stayed longer and poked around the shops, eaten at like ALL of the adorable little restaurants that dotted the windy streets… it was the cutest little spot to go and I am so glad that we shot there! Kate, Richard and I bopped around a few spots that they had scoped out while the sun set, and cast the most amazing, warm glow on just about everything that we photographed. It was like a wonderful, beautiful dream and we had such a great time together!

One of my favorite spots we hit up on this one dock was just a wonderful place, visually. Little did I know, this was the original place that Richard had wanted to propose to Kate at, but they ran into some issues with too many people, a party boat? I think? That didn’t actually lend to the atmosphere that Richard wanted for his big question… and so he waited for a better time! That would have stressed me out but Richard was calm, cool and collected until he felt the time (and most importantly, the atmosphere) was perfect! Good on you, sir!

I am so looking forward to meeting your family and friends and seeing the day come together for you both at your wedding! Thank you both again for a beautiful afternoon! XO


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