new photography workshops with carla ten eyck fall 2014

It feels weird to see how long of a hiatus I have take from teaching. After teaching for almost 7 years, every month straight! Especially when in the throes of teaching I am in my element- happy, alive, challenged, excited, electric, pumped, and just… at home. On some level my whole life I knew I wanted to teach, but never felt at home in a classroom. I hated the pressure of papers and tests and having to sit still! Although man I loved the smell of chalk on the chalk board! Except when it would squeak, then I didn’t enjoy that!

When I host a photography workshop and start the conversation with each new (and many returning!) student(s), I love seeing the fear and excitement in their eyes, mostly because I know it’s fleeting! I tell them all, that this jumble of technology will all be so much clearer by the end of the day… and I am always right! I love seeing the lightbulbs go off when they get it, I love seeing the little jumps for joy when they get a shot they are excited about! It makes it all worth it!

I have been really lucky and have been able to travel all over teaching and speaking- most recently I presented two classes at the exclusive Engage! conference at The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch in Beaver Creek, Colorado in June, in February I was the keynote speaker at the Inspire Photography Retreats in Sturbridge MA, in December I spoke at The Engage! conference at The Montelucia Resort in Scottsdale Arizona and in August I taught photography in Ocho Rios and Negril, Jamaica at the Sandals Resorts there!  I just spaced out thinking about all of those really humbling and amazing experiences… but now I am ready to bring it back home to the C-T and get my teach on again!

So I am here to tell you all that my hiatus is over! I am back and ready to teach! After the last few years I have had with so many amazing, over the top highs and some pretty heart breaking lows, I feel like a new person and am excited to incorporate so much of what I have learned about myself, my business and life into these workshops!

Leave your inhibitions at the door and come ready to be challenged in a safe space with your peers, and me! And my cat Rodney.

Here is a look into what we have on the books for 2014, and what I am dreaming up and will get on the books soon!

Space is limited in both classes, email the studio at to sign up or call 860-906-1993

Tuesday September 9, 2014: Reworked Back to Basics 2014

cost: $500

class size is limited to 5 students max

location: Hartford CT

Your should take this class if:

You have a DSLR camera

Have a passion for photography and want to learn more!

Not booking uber high end weddings and photographing crazy models? No matter!  Beauty is everywhere, learn how to see it and how it will translate into making you a better photographer. Learn to truly understand exposure and the relationship between ISO, aperture, shutter speed and lens choice and how it affects your image!

Learn to see and understand what makes a great image in the first place, regardless of where and who you shoot. Get a firm understanding of how composition, lighting, moment, emotion and subject all play into what makes up a solid photograph. In addition to having a great eye, Carla knows that understanding and mastering the technical side of photography can be daunting. Carla will take the guess work out of how things like shutter speed, aperture, focal length and ISO can all affect your image in the end by breaking each part down and seeing clear examples of how each change looks in an image!

Who really photographs beautiful- comfortable- in-front-of-the-camera models? I know I don’t! (I mean I do… but not at weddings!) In addition to learning ways of making your subjects at ease while you photograph, Carla will show you ways to really and truly get it right in camera as much as possible to save you time in front of the computer!

Tuesday October 14, 2014: Posing 2014

cost: $500

class size is limited to 5 students max

location: Hartford CT

Your should take this class if:

you have taken the Back to Basics class before or are advanced or intermediate level photographer

Got your technical stuff down and want to take your images to the next level? Learn how even the smallest changes in body language can take your so-so image to a WOW image and really understand why! Get yourself out of your posing rut (come on, we ALL know we get stuck in them!) and maximize your variety of great images that you show your clients with minimal changes to their pose- all without making them feel like they are posing for a Sears catalog! Contrary to popular belief- namely what our clients may think– you CAN achieve a really relaxed and comfortable feel while posing even if your clients need to be completely micromanaged! Let’s face it, YOU are  the expert on this, they are looking to you for guidance.

Apply all of these posing strategies to your wedding day to help you get rid of the dreaded ‘deer in headlights’ syndrome we all can get when faced with only 10 minutes of time to shoot all of the formals!

Carla received her degree in Photojournalism from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1995, has worked at newspapers in New England and has run her photography studio since 2002.  She speaks regularly across the country on all kinds of topics related to photography and not! Like goal setting, community team building and personal loss. Carla is also co-author to the book with industry peers and friends Beth Chapman and Candice Coppola, The White Dress in Color: inspirations for the modern bride and features shoots from all over the world.

To read more about all of the workshops Carla teaches, visit:


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