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Lauren + Vanessa, The Barn at Walnut Hill, Portland Maine

I have recently started to listen to and appreciate country music. Big share there! Not like super hard-core twang-fest country music, but more the kind that gets you in the feels. Brandi Carlile, The Zac Brown Band, always Willie Nelson, always. You feel me. Or maybe you don’t. Here’s the thing. For me, as an artist, I need to find clients who see my work and can feel it resonate within them. Much like these country artists to me, I need my clients to feel the emotion in the image, or appreciate the light or just look at the image and wish it was them in it. I love listening to a good song with a melancholy bridge that makes my heart just ache, or digest a string of lyrics that makes me know that someone out there, like, totally GETS me!

‘You know I like my chicken fried
And cold beer on a Friday night
A pair of jeans that fit just right
And the radio up’ – Zac Brown Band

CHICKEN FRIED!! C’mon..! Which leads me to two things. One, I am kind of hungry now! But two- and maybe the most important part; I want to spell it out for anyone looking for a photographer. Love them. Get them. Adore their work! Trust them. Appreciate their vision. Don’t hire them and say… here’s my list of posed images from Pinterest that I want you to copy. Zero! That’s like going to a Chinese restaurant and asking them to make… southern fried chicken and waffles. (thank you E for that comparison đŸ˜‰ They just.. won’t and you shouldn’t be asking! Pay attention to their work, their words that accompany their work, how they present themselves on social media, but don’t judge them too hard if you don’t like country music! boop!

My point besides throwing some love to the country music folk… is I want to thank my clients over the years for really and truly getting me. For letting me just do my thing. For trusting my vision, and opening yourselves up to me so that I can see you both. But mostly, for letting me be present for all kinds of love. XOXO





Christina + Nick, The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado



Laura + Rob, The Bushnell Memorial, Hartford CT


Matt + Kristen, Castle Hill, Newport Rhode Island


Mike + Michael, Castle Hill,  Newport Rhode Island


Jessica + Jeremy, The Ocean House, Watch Hill Rhode Island


Lee + Matt, Private Estate, CT


Kirsten + Thomas, Lord Thompson Manor, Thompson CT


Nick + Britt, The Madison Beach Hotel, Madison CT


Michelle + Orion, COSM, Wappinger Falls, NY


Aidan + Cate, Onteora Mountain House, Catskills – Hudson Valley New York


Courtney + Pete, Saybrook Point Inn, Old Saybrook CT



Allie + Casey, Fox Hill Inn, Brookfield CT

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