liz and greg wedding at the society room in hartford ct

So on the best day in the world to get married…. that would be September 18th…. (my TEN YEAR anniversary!!) My girl Liz and her high school sweetheart Greg had their wedding at the Society Room in Hartford CT. The combo of all of these things coming together was something that I can’t explain, but I am the better person for it! So yes, I did in fact work on my ten year wedding anniversary, let me just clarify this right outta the gate. I asked Dave and he was all for it, so of course I asked and got clearance from the higher ups! Stop hatin’ on your workaholic girl!

When Liz originally contacted me I was almost going to not meet, since it was my anniversary, but I did. In that meeting? I just knew that I was the one that was going to be there to document her day. We hit it off instantly. We are practically neighbors, she lives minutes from me… she really should have gone to Hartford High with me and Dominique- and Liz’s BFF Stacy can come too- she is the bomb dot com too- just based on her humor, the way she laughs, her love of the running man and all things inappropriately funny.

The other thing in common is something that I don’t want to have in common with her. Having a very sick parent is something that you never want to experience, but seems inevitable in our lives. I was able to see that their family dealt with things much like mine: an abundance of humor. That’s what I’m talking about! Laugh it OUT!

Liz’s Dad is the stuff legends are made of. He is a strong, confident man who makes you laugh till you want to run to the bathroom. I saw this immediately. He is the center of their family, the rock, the guy who delivers the punch lines and belly laughs with his kids.

Well her Dad is fighting cancer now, and he has been for a long, long time.

Today? It wasn’t about fighting. It was about laughing, all. day. long.

And so I start with the ONE picture of Liz not smiling!! Just because I can!


Her beautiful flowers were done by Jordan’s Florists in Windsor


Liz works in politics and works closely with the Governor. Hence the elephants!


Liz ran a tight ship and had plenty of time to chill out


…AND do the Soulja Boy Superman dance in her hallway with her sisters! They are nuts and I loved it!


Liz’s dress was from Kleinfeld’s in New York


These ladies were all smiles


The BFF gets her buttoned up


How many brides do this when they see themselves dressed for the first time?



Back at the Hall of Justice…. Mike hangs with Greg as he pretends he knows how to tie a bow tie


Liz’s Dad sees her for the first time


and then my girl is on her Blackberry! Who is texting you sister? who?


How beautiful is she???? This light aint so bad either


And she’s laughing!


Jerry rocked the antique car like nobody’s business


Check him out, pimping his ride


Liz’s ladies were not only beautiful but friendly!

Cursed full movie


And Greg is laughing! Mike got the guys at the church while I was with the women-folk


Their grand arrival at church….followed by Jerry giving me the scare of my life!! I was shooting the front of the car for details and he honked while I was right there! I almost passed out!! But as long as they all thought it was funny…!


The Gov checks in pre-ceremony with Miss Liz


Liz tries to hide from the arriving guests


Lucas trailer

Mike gets this moment as Liz prepares to walk down the aisle…. I love how her Dad is looking at her

The Forgotten hd


And this? One of the most sweet moments ever. Go Mike Romano.


Greg and Liz’s brother see her coming


Liz’s Mom gets emotional watching her husband and daughter walk down the aisle



Mike Romano shot this cool angle of the ceremony


Liz laughing!


The Year of Getting to Know Us video

One of my favorite bride and groom leaving the church shots!!!


And there’s Mike on the other side waiting to snag them


Sharing a little moment. Just Liz, Greg and me!


Right after they pulled away a rainbow appeared for like 30 seconds!!!! Yes, I was yelling.


Guys and flowers. Always a score in my book!


Jerry does double duty as a prop for me- he owed me since I lost about 8 lives when he scared me!!!!

Girl, Interrupted film


How cool is this car??


We hit up Elizabeth Park in Hartford for some shots

STAFFORD_WEDDING0034 Once Upon a Time in Mexico movie download

This car was so much fun to work with


And these guys?




download Godzilla movie

Sunset and Dahlias





Their skull and crossbones bow ties were awesome



The whole bridal party wore bracelets in honor of Liz’s Dad- Graham had the shot on the left, Mike’s is on the right


How helpful is this guy


Liz laughing!


I LOVE the Society Room in Hartford!!!


Mike grabbed this awesome shot!



More Mike! How beautiful is this place??


One of my favorites of Mike’s from the day


And the ceilings???



Liz’s sister gives a toast


And then her brother, who was Greg’s best man

For Your Consideration film



It was fun shooting the cake cutting from this angle


This father daughter dance was pretty emotional for everyone to watch, and is where I reached my own breaking point.


Beetle Juice movie download



So at one point during dinner the Stafford family gets up and sings and dances out to the Marshall Tucker Band song ‘Desert Skies’ – it was like something from a movie!!


Liz and Greg were troopers and were totally up for some night shots with me and Mike!!


I love how he is spinning her into traffic! Anything for a shot, right!


Liz and Greg, I can’t thank you both enough for welcoming me in as much as you did. I left your wedding feeling like a part of your family and can’t wait to get together and have a drink and laugh soon!!!

I love you guys!!!


  1. Mother of the Bride says:

    Awesome job great pictures of all of us

    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  2. Ryel says:

    Wow! What a beautiful wedding and you captured it just right! Awesome work!! Too many favorites!

  3. Danielle says:

    Gorgeous work! It looks like this was a very fun group and great wedding great job capturing it!

  4. stacy says:

    Carla- Amazing!! you made the whole night complete and most of all FUN! We will all be hanging out again for my wedding!! i promise not on your or Liz’s anniversary 🙂

  5. Liz says:

    Seriously? Cant even begin to describe simply how amazing these pictures are. Its like I’m reliving the best day of my life all over again. Cannot thank you enough… Fo real

  6. Suzy F says:

    Carla, you and your staff have a real gift for photography! But what really touches my heart is your narrative. Your insight obviously is what allows your photos to really capture the moment.

  7. Kat says:

    WOW – these pictures are amazing and it sure looks like it was a magical day, rainbow and all! These photos really gave me a sense of what it must have been like to be there and I’m glad I could share in the day from 3000 miles away just by looking at them. Fabulous!

    i love your photos, your use of light, and the mood that you capture.
    wonderful 🙂

  9. Carla–just when I think you can’t get any better…you guys blow me away. Love them all. The rainbow was icing on the cake–a gift from God that day. Awesome.

  10. JoAnn LaDuke says:

    Thank You for sharing. The pictures were awsome. My favorite was Liz and Jeff alone on the dance floor. It was so touching. No words could express what that picture was able to express. Excellent work!!!

  11. Sue Swokla says:

    Beautiful moments for a special family. The rainbow says it all!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Michelle McKone says:

    Simply Beautiful! It was a great day!

  13. Krystina says:

    I LOVE your pics!! I was wondering where you found the mini Moet bottles?? That was the drink we had the night my soon-to-be-husband proposed to me!!!! I would love to have at our wedding.

  14. Liz – You were absolutely radiant, and a pleasure to meet and see through the fitting process…I wish you and your husband all the best and a blissful marriage! Thank you so much for sending these along!

  15. Erik Souza says:

    What a rad wedding! Love the vintage car details and that cake shot you got through the window!

  16. Robin Dini says:

    so many incredible emotional shots on this one. Love it!

  17. dym says:

    abbie and i just looked at the photos….AWESOME!!!

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