inn at woodstock wedding with carla ten eyck



When I get the entrusted to photograph a colleague’s wedding it is one of the highest highs for me. Like, what a total compliment that a fellow industry friend wants my take on their big day! I have known Hope for quite a while now. We have collaborated on many styled shoots, on real weddings and on shoots for my book (The White Dress in Color: Inspiration for the Modern Bride– available on Amazon, y’all!) and also for our second book, due out next year! But Hope and I have an even deeper connection.¬†Our previous marriages ended around the same time, and we were bonded together through that experience of loss, renewal and ultimately, hope. I remember when Hope met ‘the boy.’ I was beyond happy for her. For those of you that know Hope, you know how optimistic she is, how she always, ALWAYS has a smile on her face. How she sees the silver lining in all things. So enter stage left, Owen aka ‘the boy’ and fun times ensue. We see one another at industry events and I asked about him, how things were, she answers-always good, always fun, and I am so so happy. Fast forward to their wedding – September 18. This was my wedding anniversary. I am so happy to have this link to Hope, again. It was a joyful and wonderful day for me, and I am happy that someone I care so much for can enjoy this date that is special to me!

To see these two together, so kind to one another, so mindful, bouncy, happy, laughy, jokey. But present, real. Deep. It was magical, and fun and I loved it. But then I also got to photograph it! I was super emotional all day, with all of these emotional feelings swirling around. To see Hope who I should add – USE TO HATE HAVING HER PICTURE TAKEN – just… blossom in front of my very eyes. That alone was enough to shoot me into orbit! Watching her see what she looked like all done up and the look of complete surprise and shock and how absolutely stunning she was sent me and Dana Bartone into a fit of tears! Photographing Owen and his friends just absolutely dance with reckless abandon on the dance floor was a thing of beauty; the portrait I made of Hope and her Grandmother with her Grandmother’s wedding picture just melts my heart; watching Hope snuggle her Momma, so so happy… sigh. I could go on and on. It was a fantastic day, filled to the absolute edges with so much love and emotion and I am honored and humbled to have been able to document it for my friends.

Congratulations to Hope + Owen, I adore you both so so much!! XOXO


Venue: Inn at Woodstock Hill, Woodstock CT
Hair + Makeup: Dana Bartone & Company, Cheshire CT
Florist: Just for you Floral Design, Middlefield CT
Wedding Dress: Allure from The Wedding Embassy
Suits: The Wedding Embassy
Bridesmaid dresses: Bill Levkoff Provided by Bliss Bridal
Stationary: Tulaloo
Rings: DBK Jewelers
DJ: DJae Melee
Pies: Woodstock Orchards, Woodstock CT
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woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-67 woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-68


woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-72 woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-75 woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-81 woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-89

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woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-118 woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-121 woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-124 woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-127


woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-158 woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-169

woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-176 woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-188 woodstock-inn-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-196


  1. DanaBartone says:

    Everything about this makes me feel warm and fuzzy and teary and happy and hopeful!! Real love is in each of these images!! Thank you for sharing, Carla. Amazing!

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