hartford city hall engagement with carla ten eyck


Oh, Hartford. I am visually spoiled with you, and I appreciate it! I know I am loyal since I was born, raised, and now live here in my forever home… but it’s not lost on me how beautiful this little town is, and every chance I get to work in my little city I appreciate it! Galini and Brian were the perfect fit for a jaunt in my Hartford and we took advantage of one of my favorite spots in downtown, the Alexander Calder sculpture ‘Stegasaurus’ sandwiched between The Wadsworth Atheneum and Hartford City Hall, complete with the crazy water squirting fountain! That always makes for a fun little spot to shoot in and get people warmed up at!  Plus that little pop of color it adds a path straight to my heart, I am not afraid of come color!

One of my favorite things about photographing in City Hall is how different the space looks at different times of day, the light is just golden and amazing! There are so many nooks and crannies in there, and I love how on an engagement session we can take the time to poke around and explore, without any crazy time constraints! Then when I work there on a wedding day I know exactly my favorite spots to go to! I am a lover of efficiency and good time management! Galini and Brian are clients that fall into the ‘best clients ever’ category.. I waxed poetic about that in my last post and how much it means to me to have people that trust me and are willing to get out of their comfort zone and try some new things… like having an engagement session! I can’t wait for your wedding this summer, and to just hang out and laugh and hear how your house is coming along! XOXO


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