Stormy Skies Glastonbury Engagement with Carla Ten Eyck

Stormy Skies Glastonbury CT Engagement Photographer Carla Ten Eyck

Is there anything more romantic than Stormy Skies a warm summer rain, cuddling with the one you love at home? Even if it’s outside at your home and you’re supposed to be having your engagement photos done and then all of a sudden a big Stormy Skies sweep in and it gets super dark and stormy and maybe even a little bit scary (the cats were hiding!) You bet it still is! If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am not afraid of photographing my couples in the rain. I find that rain, and Stormy Skies can really lend a beautiful palette and mood to the day, and really give your images an extra layer to them! Katie and Kevin fully trusted me with my vision as we forages ahead for the session in the back yard, also, as it happens, where their wedding this summer will be hosted with the talents of Georgia, of Timeless Weddings by Georgia fame! As soon as I met Katie and Kevin at my house for their initial consultation, I knew we were a match. Their easy energy, quick smiles and true appreciation for photography and the imagery I create sealed the deal. My goal as a photographer is to not just book clients for weddings, it’s to book the RIGHT clients for weddings and events. Clients that can feel the emotion in the work I create, or appreciate how I see light; clients who truly love one another and treat each other with kindness and respect! This may sound like a strange qualifier here, but trust me on this! I have been beyond blessed with a wonderful roster of clients who are positive, happy, in love people with a deep appreciation for art and light and laughing! This. This is what I am calling out to the universe for, unabashedly, enthusiastically! Thank you Katie and Kevin for heeding that call! I am beyond excited for your wedding, it will be here before we know it! XOXO

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