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It’s after 11 p.m. and after a full day of teaching a workshop, video chatting with prospective clients, and editing, I am still sitting here. I missed dinner! … but more importantly I missed bed time. I sat here and worked. What the hell is wrong with me? This month has been flat out bat shit crazy for me, yes. Before you judge my workaholic ways too harshly…to be fair, I have cut back on frenzied work schedules these past few years and made room for some major C10 family time. We have taken many a vacation and relaxed like it was our jobs!

The shot I have posted here I took on one of the best vacations on Martha’s Vineyard I have ever taken with some of the most amazing people ever. After summers of searching for a field of queen anne’s lace I hit the motherlode. Thanks to some vigilant friends (you know who you are) they showed me this monstrosity of a field and we hit it up at the most golden of hours. I was in such a space I don’t think I could have enjoyed it more if I tried.

What I love most about this picture- besides it being a picture of my two most favorite people on the planet- was that here I felt surrounded by my Mom on all fronts… the flowers, yes. But the light? Holy smokes right? And the energy, and being surrounded by some of my besties and my main squeeze… everyone all giddy because it was like some kind of photo treasure hunt for me and man did we hit the freakin’ jackpot!

This is what I want to come back to and think about. These people. This place. This light!

The weddings will get edited (I have an amazing team here) workshops will be taught, meetings will be run, clients will be met. It will all happen. But for now, bed. I gotta go snuggle my little people like crazy, and whisper to them how much I love them.

  1. am says:

    I repeat. Why you gotta make me cry? I love, and I also have lots of perspective recently on “it all” – it always comes back to our people. love. a gorgeous image.

    And the new “home” page is bangin’. Brighter, more cheerful – perfection! xo

  2. So beautiful, Carla. This IS what it is all about. YES! Your children are beautiful, and this picture is just breathtaking. I can feel all of the love surrounding you. Love to you, Mama C xo

  3. Gayle King says:


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