eolia mansion engagement session with carla ten eyck


This week I got to spend the afternoon with a couple that I have gotten to know so well over the years. I met Liane a few years back for the first time while doing a cover shoot for Bliss Celebrations Magazine- you can see this shoot for this HERE  and I knew she had something special… she was a natural in front of the camera, and as much as I would like to think it was me and my mojo, nuh-uh this girl just has it! But when we work together we make some sweet kind of magic and I am always yelling and screaming and just so so happy with what we get! Then comes her beau, Alex. I mean. Seriously. Alone he is amazing to photograph, no long sentence here trying to convince anyone of that, am I right? But then. When you put the two of them together? It is like some Breaking Bad kind of chemistry that makes my camera want to just, like. EXPLODE or something. We have done many shoots together- one of which, a Great Gatsby inspired absolutely gorgy-poo shoot which you can see in my book The White Dress in Color; inspirations for the modern bride  (available for purchase on Amazon.com!) And another shoot we did all the way across the pond in Paris (eeee!) which was way too much fun and will be featured in my second book, loosely titled The White Dress: Destinations and it’s already in production! So, like. We know each other!

So we took all of this magical chemistry and shouting to Eolia Mansion at Harkness Park in Waterford!  And the sun participated quite nicely, in fact! And all was well in the world! I have to give a little shout out to my kids who came along and ran all over the park while we shot and did a fabulous job scouting locations for me! When you come back with the words ‘Mom. This is where the fairies live and the light is PERFECT!’ I mean. So props to my wee kin-folk for helping to add to the overwhelming success of the shoot!

We capped the night off with an amazing dinner at The Engine Room in Mystic, and absolute gem of a find that my clients Jason and Lisa introduced me too last year..! Can I tell you how beautiful their food is?? The deviled eggs? I dream about those eggs. DREAM. The burgers looked amazing, and they have a healthy variety of bourbons as well! Liane and Alex, I cannot, I will not (although I guess I have to!) wait for your wedding. Whenever and wherever it may be, count me IN! I love you guys and will travel the world over with you both anytime! XOXOXO


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