Emily’s Catering Owner Ties the Knot in Cheshire CT

Emily's Catering owner Rick Kerzner laughs with his bride Jodi on their wedding day in Cheshire CT

One of the best parts of the wedding and event industry are the friendships we make over the years with our fellow creative partners. Rick Kerzner, owner of Emily’s Catering is one of the best. Not only is Rick amazing at what he and his team of caterers do, but he’s also so great at treating the people that he works with on his weddings and events like a part of his team. He’s always ready to feed me and my second photographer so we can keep our energy up to do our best job for our clients, quick with a joke or an encouraging word. We always, always feel like a united front when we work an event together!

When I get the message from Rick that he and Jodi were making it official after being together for years, I was really really humbled and honored. He could ask anyone. He knows everyone! But the honor was all mine, and I am so grateful that I was there to bear witness.

I love this image below of Jodi’s reaction to seeing the room at the temple that she works all done up for their party! She was so overwhelmed and expensive, I had to share 🙂

The best part of working with fellow compadres in the industry is they are sooooo laid back. ‘Do your thing!’ They say. ‘I trust you!’ I love it!

I love the traditions with Jewish weddings. The ketubah signing is always a favorite of mine. It’s a small, intimate group of your closest family and friends… and ME. I always take a little visual sweep around the room, and just take a moment to appreciate the space that I am allowed to squeeze in with my clients and their closest, dearest people. Every time. I’m thankful.

There was a lot of laughter during their ceremony!

Rick encouraged his team to take a break from their set up and come to the ceremony. It was so sweet!

Super quick portraits before they got happily swallowed up by their adoring family and friends!

Jodi has quite an affinity for Huey Lewis and her sister wove quotes into her toast, and as an 80’s kid, I was majorly on board! I can get down to some Huey Lewis and I am not ashamed to say it!

Jodi and Rick, thank you so much for including me at your wedding, it was a true honor! XOXOXO

  1. Elena Becher says:

    Wonderful photos of yoyful couple
    Rick ,hugs and kisses to you and wonderful bride

  2. Polly S Harris says:

    Such a happy couple and a glorious day for all of us to share in their joy.
    Sending wishes for a most loving and happy marriage for ever.
    With our hearts,
    Polly and Dan..Dad…Poppy

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