costa rica editorial shoot day two

On our second day in Herradura our hosts from coordinated a sunset cocktail hour at one of the most beautiful places to see a sunset in Costa Rica- Villa Caletas- and it was just right down the road! At one point I saw a pair of Scarlet Macaws fly by which I have to say was way better than the bizarre interpretive yoga dancing we got treated to during the sunset. It was a little distracting and I have to add very very hard to keep a straight face during, because I am one silly gal! Here Mark was giggling because we looked at each other during it: note to self- do not do that!

*please note all of these images were shot by myself, Erik Maziarz, Greg Lewis, Rebecca Hales and Sara Code-Kroll!

Greg Lewis was cold rockin his Ray Bans- and then Candice jumped in to add her two cents!

Easy E trying not to laugh. Which is difficult to do around our crew- we like to have a good time and belly laughing is top on the list!!

Tony of Datura, Diana of Jubilee Events and Erik of Click Modeling agency

Beth of the White Dress by the Shore and her main squeeze, always looking out for everyone- Mark. You know your real name tho, I’m just being nice right now

So the third day was really day one of our shoot. Since our couple for the shoot were avid surfers we hit up one of the most beautiful and exclusive beaches in Costa Rica- Playa Escondido! It was such a treat for us! We literally hit the ground running once we got there- timing is such a big thing with surfing so there is no time to dilly dally!

Once Michelle and Alejandro got out, waxed their boards they took off for the surf with a gaggle of photographers running behind! Yes. Very funny to see. While we were running down to the water we saw a few other photographers and a video guy there so in true CT form we all made friends and found they were shooting some of the world’s top surfers for Nike! They saw us coming and were like what in the Holy Hell is going ON!!! Just C10ike and crew from CT way!!!

Michelle is a very talented designer of a bikini line so I was much obliged to do a mini fashion shoot for her!

I got a little dirty… about a photographers nightmare- salt water and sand! And c 10ike LOL

Miss Sara was working it on the beach

Greg Lewis caught me chimping like a monkey

Miss Rebecca putting her best face forward

Greg was catching the action here! Or making sure I didn’t fall in

Our groom Alejandro runs ahead, Mami just could not keep UP!

Mike Cyr of Buzz Media getting more scene setters while enjoying the shade!

Easily one of my favorite shots of all time! These two were killing me with what great friends they are and how easily we all got along every single day

This looks way more dangerous to his 5D than it was…

Greg Lewis sweatin to the oldies! Did I mention how hot it was!

I love this picture of Sara, she always looks so regal when she shoots!

the crew minus Rebecca and me

almost all of the crew on location- thanks Sara for taking this!

post surfing we headed back to our house for the getting ready stuff! Enter…. the amazing talents of Miss DD Nickel!! Thanks Rebecca for grabbing these

Rebecca got Sara making each shooting situation work for her! Way to work it girls

Then we headed back to Playa Hermosa for the shoot- to say it was pure heaven is an understatement… Here Beth and DD do some finishing touches to Michelle

Mike shoots the Calypso band

And now? It’s go time! Now it is my time to play!! I love stopping every once in a while to see everyone there, watching. I don’t do it nearly enough because I get so focused

Erik and I rigged up these tables with covers to keep our gear out of the sandy wind!

Erik caught Greg getting high up for an overall table shot

This table was so beautiful, simple and amazing. Love love love when Jubilee Events and Datura play together!!

Now I normally try not to show image sin camera, because to me, they are not complete. But Michelle was DYING and so I had to oblige! She was thrilled!

Sara had the great idea of having them get on the surf board- and it got a little steamy! After that we had them just cuddle here, you know it, you love it- the c 10 ike modified prom baby!!!!!

This black sand beach was just stunning and photographed so well

Candice always has my back during a shoot! That’s my girl!!!

After kneeling in the black sand Erik and I had yuck leg! Very attractive!

And of course, in true Ten Eyck fashion, we ended our shoot with a healthy does of pouring rain!!!!! I worked it, don’t you worry about THAT! And I let it double as my daily shower

Sara or Erik grabbed this shot of the mad scramble of packing!!

and she is down for the count! Miss DD was working so hard all day!!

Greg got Rebecca snuggling with her D700 after a hard days work for the girls!

I wish I could show everyone the images that we shot for the actual shoot SO BAD!!!! They make me so happy to see the absolute beauty that we were all able to get collectively…. soon enough I will be able to…. !!!


  1. Jeff Reilly says:

    Epic! I love it all and I want to see more! Greg should be your personal photog- the shot he got of you shooting the surfer is fantastic, nevermind the shot he got of you getting kablamo-ed by a wave!
    yuck leg.

  2. Heather says:

    Beautiful! I hope you post the actual photos from the shoot! I’m sure they’re magnificent. Very Cool!

  3. Katie Slater says:

    i heart all of you guys. you are so creative, dynamic and beautiful!!!! xoxoxo

  4. Beth says:

    Can’t wait to see more 🙂

  5. jennie Fresa says:

    Weeeee!! All of it looks amazing guys!!!!!!! and you all look so pretty and sun kissed yourselves! xoxox

  6. Candice says:

    I can’t wait to get back to the island! =) xo

  7. Magan says:

    Love it! Dying to see the rest of it!

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  9. Gayle King says:

    I can just feel how much love and fun you all had! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful images!

  10. Dana Bartone says:

    Looks like a blast and so sorry we missed it! Great candids! next time…….

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