Back to Basics Photography Workshop with Carla Ten Eyck


This September I dove back in to something I love second to photography: teaching photography! A long, long while back, I started teaching monthly workshops on a variety of topics ranging from the camera basics to lighting to posing to how to shoot details to the business of photography. There is so much to being a photographer. So much to even just doing this for fun, let alone as the main source of income for your family! There are so many ways to see, so many ways to interpret your subject and your idea and I just LOVE helping people learn how to use those valuable tools to fulfill or change their vision! it’s a long, windy, tricky, slippery and often times bumpy road but man is it fun! Deciding where to put your subjects, in what light, what space… so many decisions! Then, when working on your images after, the decisions continue! Color, black + white, crop in or leave it how you framed it? And on and on and on!

We had the thrill of having our fellow colleague Cheyney model for us, which…. was kinda like cheating! But since this wasn’t a posing class, I figured I would let everyone reals a bit and just have a pro do her thang and let us all focus on other things like compositions, light, moment… yadda yadda! I think everyone in the class appreciated that, can I get an AMEN! I had such a great time getting to see how each person took their ideas and made them happen!

On Tuesday October 14 I will be teaching a posing class in Hartford from 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM and have 1 spot left! Contact us at to sign up or for more information!

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