baby time with carla ten eyck


I don’t do a ton of baby portraits, but when I do… I question why I don’t! I photographed this little bug’s parent’s wedding at Elizabeth Park in the sweetest little spot, with the most buttery and thick light, surrounded by the tightest knit group of family on a Thursday afternoon. It was, and has been one of my most favorite weddings I have photographed. Lauryn and CJ’s love for one another is tangible, open and easy to see. They live close by and are fun to see when I bring my kitties in to visit CJ at the vet. He is my vet for life! And I am their photographer for life! I couldn’t be happier with that, because I got to spend the morning with these two, snuggled up, while she , let’s be honest here, pretty much screamed the entire time!! Ha ha ha, Lauryn was so calm and relaxed and just went with it, and I waited patiently for the little miss to have her quiet moments… and sometimes her not so quiet moments were what pulled me and my camera in! I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love a picture of a baby crying? Especially if you can’t hear it, am I right? Sooooo cute!

Lauryn, thank you for inviting me into your home and heart and sharing this time with you both!

Love, your photographer for life! XOXOXO


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