an afternoon with coral pheasant and some prime rib


Late this Spring I got the chance to spend some time with my former client, designer and great friend Nichole Michel of Coral Pheasant Stationery and Design. We hung out at her new-ish house in New Haven, and it is just something you have to see to believe! Her and her husband Tim has got SUCH an incredible sense of style. Like. It’s the kind of stuff that belongs in some kind of over the top awesome stylish architectural magazine! Seriously! The first time I was over I freaked out. Everything. Every, little, sweet corner was just perfectly thought out and made sense! Everything just fit their style and way of living so well that I had to come back for two reasons… one to do a mini shoot of Nichole and Tim and also… Tim is an AMAZING cook! Can I tell you I had the best prime rib I have ever had? With the best horseradish sauce and pop overs! Our good friend DD Nickel came over to doll Nichole up and to have some wine and laughs… and we sure did!

MICHEL_201405_C10_-19 MICHEL_201405_C10_-83-Edit MICHEL_201405_C10_-135-Edit

This little spot led down to the basement, and it literally took my breath away…I HAD to put Nichole up there and take her picture! We only needed a kinda big ladder to get her up there… good thing she was game!


Once I got down to the basement I turned around and saw this little spot of prettyness…! And decided to have Nichole chill over there for a few snaps!



MICHEL_201405_C10_-162 MICHEL_201405_C10_-188-Edit MICHEL_201405_C10_-249

And why wouldn’t I have her stand under her chandelier like it’s a crown?


Tim and their dog Tina decided to join us for a few before the prime rib was ready so we adventured around!


MICHEL_201405_C10_-352-Edit MICHEL_201405_C10_-570-Edit




Thank you Tim and Nichole for having us over and letting us play and feeding us to the gills! Until next time..!! XOXO

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