Pavilion at Crystal Lake, Middletown CT

Paula + Justin

Paula was the first client I zoomed with when the pandemic first started in the Spring of 2020. We discussed her wedding at The Pavilion at Crystal Lake in Middletown CT on that call, and got completely immersed in the details. We laughed, so hard, chatted about the most random things and just got to know one another in the most comfortable, authentic way. At one point I stopped abruptly because I realized that I had completely forgotten about the crushing reality of the pandemic. All of the fear and uncertainty had been gone for that hour that we talked. Once I realized that, I burst into tears. Paula was my touchstone for my past life, pre pandemic, when these kinds of calls were the norm for me. At that moment, in that unknown, I remembered how much I loved being a photographer. I remembered how connecting with my clients was my most favorite part. How earning their trust and comfort was so important to me. We both cried together, and bonded.

Flash forward to today, winter of 2022, with the pandemic still happening and changing. Today we are learning to navigate it as best as we all can. Having beautiful celebrations together amidst uncertainty and change. Paula and Justin’s wedding was for me, a new touchstone of hope amidst the uncertainty. A reminder of how less fearful I am. A reminder that we CAN weather these storms together and find hope and joy in it all. Much like the photo above. Yes it was SO COLD out and snowy but we all found such joy and excitement there together and created something so beautiful, together.

Paula and Justin together are the embodiment of pure joy. They are both so fully themselves together and separately. I have literally never heard such personable and funny wedding vows before! I need to extend a shout out to Matt Fink, their videographer, for referring me to Paula and Justin. THANK YOU for allowing me to connect and create with such wonderful humans!

Winter Wonderland Wedding 

Venue: Pavilion at Crystal Lake, Middletown CT

Florals: The Green Petal

Makeup: Latoya Santos Makeup

Grooms Tux: The Black Tux

Catering: On the Marc Catering

Cake: J Cakes

Video: DMO Films

Henna: Naty By Nature

Wedding dress: Maggie Sotero

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