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c10 associate best of: katie slater

You know what feeling I love?

That feeling when your heart skips a beat and your breath gets caught in your chest and your eyes get a little watery. That’s the feeling that I love. And honestly, that feeling happened to me more times than I can count in 2011. From belly laughs to nervous giggles, from a single tear to tears streaming, from a tiny hug to full on bear hugs, and from perfect sunny days to catastrophic unseasonal snow storms, 2011 was literally the best wedding season yet. I am so thankful to my wonderful couples for putting their faith and trust in me to photograph their weddings. I love you guys! xo


C10 Studio: Best of Katie 2011 from Carla Ten Eyck on Vimeo.

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  1. i simply love looking at your pictures.

  2. These are all so beautiful! I love this time of year to go through all the amazing images!

  3. hi, i love this slideshow. xx

  4. Jul

    Girl, you rocked the heck out of 2011! Beautiful work love! Xo

  5. Giannelli

    These are beautiful! We can’t wait to take pictures with you!

  6. Wow – great set!

  7. rock on, Katie! i find inspiration in every one of your posts, and so many of your images just blow me away. keep up the amazing work!!!

  8. What can I say, magic! It’s all just wonderful beautiful magical love. xo

  9. Chris Peckham

    This is all so very beautiful Katie.
    You are so talented! Congrats on your success.
    Chris P.

  10. You are an artistic genius my friend!! Love seeing the world thru your eyes! XOXO

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