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urban maternity session

Last week I had the absolute honor and pleasure of photographing the maternity session of fellow photographer and friend Sarah and her incredibly well coiffed husband Michael…! That was a lot of adjectives thrown in there! Add cute and super cuddly to the mix too! So as we started, our first location didn’t work out so we went to one of my favorite standbys and it worked out perfectly! I think we hit almost 60 degrees this day- so we had to trudge through a lot of wet heavy snow to get where we were but it was well worth it to me!

URBAN MATERNITY 00014 urban maternity session
URBAN MATERNITY 0012 urban maternity session

It’s nice when the vandal work with you, you know? S for Sarah M for…. well you get it

URBAN MATERNITY 0011 urban maternity session URBAN MATERNITY 0010 urban maternity session

I really was feeling the colors here!!

URBAN MATERNITY 0009 urban maternity session URBAN MATERNITY 0008 urban maternity session URBAN MATERNITY 0007 urban maternity session URBAN MATERNITY 0006 urban maternity session URBAN MATERNITY 0005 urban maternity session URBAN MATERNITY 0004 urban maternity session

Seriously these two are so photogenic and snuggly, I had the best time with them!

Here’s to a happy, relaxed delivery!!


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  1. Charlotte sure has some beautiful parents! Great photos Carla. #4 and 6 are my favorites :)

  2. Sue G

    Sarah and Michael, Beautiful pictures! Great backdrop and photography! Happy mom+ happy dad=happy baby! xo

  3. these are awesome! Sarah..you look incredible!! You truly have the new mommy glow. I think the first shot in the doorway with the backlight is my favorite. So great guys!

  4. They’re perfect. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You made us feel completely comfortable and we’ll treasure these shots forever. I can’t decide which one will hang in the nursery but I will say that I LOVE Michael’s face you captured in the first series all the way to the right.

  5. So adorable! I’ve been dying to see these! So excited for them. Carla you don’t need me to tell you these are awesome! I love the purple on her with the colorful walls!

  6. Meghann

    LOVE the fourth photo, so beautiful and intimate. Awesome work Carla!

  7. really beautiful images, carla :) and such a cute couple! and i love all the colors galore. xo

  8. COME ON WITH THE CUTENESS – Sarah looks so fab and fashionable and they both look happy….the important thing :)

  9. sarah, you look amazing!!!! congrats you guys!!! beautiful photos carla!!

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