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justin + mary

 C102737 justin + mary
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Igby Goes Down film

Yesterday Mike and I had the distinct pleasure of photographing two of my closest friends, Justin & Mary Marantz

007 Thunderball movie download

Conspiracy Theory movie

The Sicilian ipod . This came about not just because we could shoot them, like, ALL the time and get great shots, and why the heck wouldn’t we want to do that as often as possible?? But because Mary saw the slide show that Mike put together of me for my workshop with Steve and was so moved by it that she hired us to shoot them and do the slide show of them and their work for their blog! They had some ideas and were willing to just plop it in our laps and let us run with it, which was really fun for us and challenging at the same time since we had really only done this for my studio.

Killing Me Softly release

I have known the Marantz’s for just over a year and have gotten to see so many sides to them- they are so professional as I like to tell Mary (which makes her laugh, but she totally IS) but it’s really a farce- because they are just two very well dressed goof balls who are just crazy about each other and like to not only laugh at me and Mike but at themselves as well… so yes there was a lot of laughing going on because the material was endless!

We started off in new Haven and then made it to Steve DePino’s stomping grounds and he showed us one of his favorite fields of Guilford where the light was just ridiculous! We got quite the day for shooting, though it was much colder than it looks.

Thanks for being such troopers for our shoot and being so patient for every aspect of it! I can’t wait to see what Mike is going to put together for this!!

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  1. Courtney Craver Photography

    Love love love the flair.

  2. Mary Marantz

    yea that’s our sweet super secret location that J & I found…it’s not really a secret tho. Just head toward wooster square and I’m sure you’ll find it! :)

  3. Erik Maziarz

    Fantastic as usual! The colors in the New Haven shots really rock.

  4. E. Broderick Photography

    Wow. These are amazing. I am dying to see Mike’s slideshow b/c what he put together for your workshop was incredible. Just–incredible! Have fun in Vienna!

  5. nikki nicole photography

    these are hot!!!! love the 2nd to last one and the sun flare awesome!!!!!!

  6. Krista Photography

    These are awesome! I’m wondering if J & M are gonna give up photography and go into modeling full-time though ;)

  7. Salty Grapes Photography

    Steve DePino’s “Field Guide to Fields”. =) Ha ha!

    Love them all Carla… just gawgeous. J&M are just too frickin’ adorable.

    Have a fabulous time!!!!!


    I think I might do a book “Steve Depino’s favorite fields of Connecticut “

  9. Robert J. Trenske

    You always have some really cool places to shoot. I really like how you use balloons, so much fun!! I officially think that Justin and Mary are some of the most photographed people ever, but it works because they are an awesome couple!! Nice shots as always Carla, we have to shoot together when you guys get back from Vienna. Have a great trip.

  10. Carla Ten Eyck

    yeah Miss Laurie Mike and I decided that the sun was just too high noonish that day we were shooting… yesterday it was like sun flare CITY! Can u see those crazy shapes too??

    Mike will be a busy little editing bee while I am away…. who am I kidding he’s going to be celebrating that I’m gone and he gets a break!!

    Glad you like em Mrs. Marantz I am SO happy with them and I don’t even have Mike’s yet, but I will post them when i get back!


  11. Orchard Cove Photography

    LOVIN’ the sun flare! And the group shot is super cute at the end :) Can’t wait to see the slide show!! xo

  12. laurie

    how bout those flares…they look awesome!!!! the 4th one down cracks me up… have a great trip! ;)

  13. Mary Marantz

    oh my GAWD!!!!! LOVE EM!!!! Each and every last yummy one!! ahhhh I can’t wait to see the rest now! don’t go to Vienna…just stay and edit! That’d be just as fun right? :)


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