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carlos hernandez chavez, the artist and political activist

This week I had an opportunity to see something really incredible. In and of itself it was awesome- to watch a muralist in the final stages of their process- to see and hear their thought processes- which washes would go where, what tones they were hoping for, textures, overall feel. The kicker? I was watching my Dad create this masterpiece.

Basic Instinct full

See one of the things that my Dad is like, the BEST at is painting. He is so incredibly talented. But the best part for me? This guy has got something to SAY.

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His show in partnership with fellow muralist and immigrant Marela Zacarias ‘the Mural as Mirror: Reflections on the Immigrant Experience’ opens:

next Thursday April 30th at 5:30 till 7:30 at the Charter Oak Cultural Center 21 Charter Oak Ave, Hartford CT

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True psp

there will be live mariachi music!

My sister Tere and I stopped in to see my Dad paint, since Tere won’t be here for the opening. He told us stories about some of his past pieces while he worked. One of them was absolutely heart wrenching. A few years back he had worked on a project with a group of recent immigrants to Connecticut.

Through their stories my Dad became their artistic voice, and told the story of their very difficult journey to the United States by painting a mural. There was one man’s story in particular that my Dad spoke of. He was from Vietnam and was traveling in a group of about twenty people, one of which was a little baby. During a very close call with some hostiles the group was hiding in the reeds and water and the baby started to cry. The mother had no choice but to drown her baby to save the group, who would face certain death if they were caught. My Dad painted these stories, of all of these people that he spoke to and listened to.

Equus move

I would tell you to go see this work of art but someone authorized the painting over of his mural saying that the images were ‘no longer relevant.’

American Swing video

This current show is about the immigrant experience through both of the artists’ experiences. My Dad’s piece features images of my grandfather, great aunts and uncles working in the fields. It is an incredibly powerful piece and I would love to have you all there to celebrate my Dad’s talent, his voice and the experiences of all of the immigrants that have helped shape this country.

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dad0001 carlos hernandez chavez,  the artist and political activist

I love this- the image in the foreground is my Dad at 11 when he got his first guitar. Yes all mexicans are Mariachi’s!!! LMAO

Invasion U.S.A. divx

dad0002 carlos hernandez chavez,  the artist and political activist

He let Georgie paint a little section, she was so excited

dad0003 carlos hernandez chavez,  the artist and political activist

I hope to see you all there!!!

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  1. Blanca Bermudez

    Are you related to Karla Chavez from California?

  2. Michele Butler-Martel

    Your Dad is an incredible artist/muralist. His work is so inspiring and poignant.

  3. Susannah McGlamery

    I love the top shot.. it is an incredible abstract portrait of your dad. I was at COCC a few weeks ago and knew that the mural was in progress so peeked in…it was just sketched at that point so i CANNOT wait to see the end result and feel the stories… see you there.

  4. amazing. looks like artistic talent and creativity runs in the family.

  5. that is so cool! i’ve always wanted to see more of your dad’s work. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. This is AWESOME! I am going to put it on my calendar! We still need to do lunch. I would love to tell you about the fields and camps and marching with Cesar Chavez not me of course, my Uncles :-)

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! The last one of Georgie is amazing…I guess there is no question where the creativity comes from.

  8. Yikes. Way to put a lump in my throat! (Sure puts our so-called “problems” in perspective.) These are incredible! I will do my best to be there–I would be so honored to attend.

  9. Bummer – I’ll be in Boston :( Love these images – pretty amazing stories to go along with them. ox

  10. Wonderful post… amazing, thanks for sharing.

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