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get to know: dominique soto

Get to know my team! part 6 of 7

Yes, I have hired some folks here at the studio to help a sister OUT this year! While I love my job more than it seems possible, I also love my family and need to see them more! And so, the old saying ‘many hands make light work’ is what I am going for this year. Not to mention being able to coach and support so many incredibly talented people and have them all on my team is like a dream come true for me.

Now, many of you have asked ‘what does everyone DO?’ So I figured that in addition to seeing what they do at the studio, let’s learn a little bit more about them as well!

meet: Dominique Soto

Dominique is my office manager- which in short means that she pretty much does any and everything that needs to get done at the studio. So in my world, if she wasn’t already, she would be my BFF! Dodie has been with me from the very beginning, and by that I don’t mean from when I was shooting film (but she was there for that too!)- she has been my best friend since we were in first and second grade together! Now we rock out at the studio to my Pandora Justin Timberlake station and bust Graham’s chops with Miss Katie Slater batting clean up… man, I haven’t laughed this hard on a continual basis in my life!

Dodie started with me from the second wedding that I ever shot- yes, on film, and she was my OG sidekick. I even remember, as clear as day- when I had my laptop at a wedding and I was downloading my cards and some guy was asking us what we were doing- we were like ‘Dude we’re blogging about you!’ and thought it was the most hysterical thing in the world! Since only TOTAL NERDS blogged back then about God knows what!! (that was in 2005, btw) Not much changes, you say?

I chose this shot of Dodie to put up for several reasons- one being that she suffers from the ‘your mom is a cobbler but you ain’t go no SHOES!’ syndrome. No, I am not her Mother and I’m not a cobbler either! But you hear me, right! In short: I got ZIP for shots of my girl that aren’t just out right silly and embarrassing for one or both of us…and seriously this is one of my favorite shots of Dodie and her son Steven. Her family is the world to her and I know she would love this shot!

Join me in welcoming my best friend and rank master, Dominique!

 ten3183 get to know: dominique soto

What got you interested in photography?

My BFF is the bestest photographer ever!

My favorite cupcake is…

I love chocolate or vanilla cupcakes made at home from a box, Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker or Pillsbury they all taste great to me. Nothing fancy.

The best part about my wedding was…

I just love weddings and mine was no exception. We had so much fun and we were so young and broke, but we had the best time. Rick and I loved our cake it was delicious.

The first dance song at our wedding was…

Rick and I really don’t know. We arrived at our reception and found out the DJ wasn’t even sure what day our wedding was (someone called him while we were taking pictures and said to get to the reception) and so when we got there he played something and we danced.

Describe your family…

Close. Or do you mean the contents? Me, my husband Rick and we have 3 children Stephanie 20, Steven 11, Seyenah 8, and my grandson Jonathan 3.

My favorite place to vacation is…

I used to hate the mess of going to the beach, the clean up of sand after, but my kids love the beach and I enjoy seeing them have fun. I love to be warm and feel the sun (and yes I do use spf40).

When I am driving in my car, I am listening to…

The radio. I love Top 40, R&B, and Hip Hop.

If I had a full day all to myself and money was no object, I would…

Love to do so many things it is so hard to chose. With only a day a trip to New York to see a show with Rick and the kids and include some awesome sight seeing in a helicopter and not wait in line at the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. And just be there to let them experience the city.

Or I could just go shopping, clothes, furniture or anything. I do enjoy shopping.

These are very selfish things, I could go deeper if you really want me to.

My favorite thing to order from China House is…

Chicken with garlic sauce.

If I could photograph any person, dead or alive, it would be…

Carla…I know how much she loves to take pictures and how great they are. It would be awesome to return the favor and give her a great photo.

If I could only shoot with one lens it would be…

My contact lenses, because I can’t see without them. But I would need both.

I can…

Clean like nobody’s business, and I love it.

I can’t…

Take pictures well.

My motivation in life is…

to be a great mom.

My top five favorite movies are…

Little Miss Sunshine

Wedding Crashers

Sixteen Candles

Shakespeare in Love

Role Models

My favorite television show is…

I have 2 The Office and 30 Rock and 1 more SNL

If I were to teach something to someone, it would be…

Not that I have mastered this, but communication it is so important in every aspect of life.

My favorite pair of shoes is…

I don’t have a favorite I like shoes and I like having choices and changing them daily is fun. Whatever I’m in the mood for is what I’ll wear. I do love my Uggs though.

My favorite pizza is…

Jimmie’s Pizza veggie no olives.

I love…

My family and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Susannah

    My girl! you KNOW you can’t do SQUAT without your lenses sister… :)

  2. can you come clean my house?

  3. hilarious contact lens comment! and Dwight Shrute rules!

  4. Would this be Dodie accountant extraordinaire? Too funny about the DJ – whoah geez :) And your contacts – get out of here. Legally blind one :) xo

  5. Dodie – I’m so glad you’ve come around to liking the beach!! I’ve so loved getting to know you – you are one of the funniest girls I know! :)

  6. I do love my Luda fish :). Props to old school homemade cupcakes.

  7. Graham

    Go dodie! I loved little Miss sunshine.

  8. That picture is so beautiful. I really enjoyed hanging out with you all today!

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