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I have to say that this first ever PUG retreat was such a hit! I can’t believe how motivated I am and inspired by my fellow photographers- you would think that maybe the energy would run out? It surely did nothing of the sort! I truly believe that everyone had a fun and informative time and left feeling closer to everyone that attended- if our friendships were strong before they are so much stronger now. Karaoke will do that to you, I guess! THANKS LAURA LANDAU

Around the Bend download

FOR BRINGING THAT!! Super smart idea- although I wonder if Mary is thinking that after watching Paul’s Before I Self Destruct My Sisters Keeper divx

Cherry Falls ipod

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D movie

Rocky psp

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 buy Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star download The Badge download video of her singing? Super hilarious!! Can’t wait for that to be posted!! icon wink Thanks again to Mary, Justin, Paul, Amanda Harris!!! and everyone that presented, it was so worth it!!

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  1. Studio Foto

    OH MY GOD CARLA!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely loved every second of this slideshow!!!! Wow- what great memories we all made……what an amazing couple of days, with beautiful people. Also, thank you so much for asking Paul & I to be your models- we had such a fantastic time, and forgot we were being photographed for most of the time (which of course if always our goal as photographers to make our subjects almost forget about the camera- isn’t it ; ) I would die to have your images on our website for our slideshow…they really capture mine & Paul’s affection for one another. Beautiful…. I love the song you choose too ; ) Love you girlie : ) KryStyle

  2. Carla Ten Eyck

    this slide show is too long- it seems show it fast is show it SLOW- i am going to repost the show that had my super quick timing so it doesn’t last 12 minutes! Sorry ’bout that…;)

  3. Carla Ten Eyck

    It didn’t take that long at all, LIGHTROOM baby!!


    Super cool!!!
    That must have taken forever to put together… Nice work!!!

  5. MEG

    Wow…that looked like fun, I am wanting to go to one too sometime…let me know when they plan another one…or do you have to be a PUG member? I think that song is also very addictive! :o)can’t wait for lunch…

  6. Laura Landau

    Carla! This show is so awesome! The retreat was a great experience, I learned so much from everyone and your presentation alone was worth the trip. It’s extraordinary to be around so many creative (& fun!)people. Love the shots of us moving the jeep. Can’t wait for the next one!

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