For me photography was a passion that evolved into a job. That I can make a living doing something I love is truly a gift and I do not take this for granted! I always knew I would be a photographer but had no idea all of the places that it would take me, and all of the wonderful people that I would meet as a result.

Growing up I always wanted to be a photojournalist. While at RIT I was fortunate enough to have some incredible opportunities to intern at some pretty prestigious news agencies and work shops. Many papers from all over the country courted me before graduation, wanting me to come work for them. I knew I had to have my degree so I resisted and forged ahead earning my BFA in photojournalism from RIT in 1995.

After graduation and many internships later I felt a little burned out from the news and took a photo hiatus for a few years working in the corporate world. After having my kids I eased my way back to where  I was meant to be: wrapped up tight in the world of photography, right where I was meant to be.

Once I made the connection that I was meant to photograph weddings it just made sense! That people actually wanted me there covering this – as opposed to spot news stories- was such a radical change, it affected me so positively that I just flourished while shooting. All of the newspaper shooting I did played a great role in training me for being unobtrusive and yet able to secure the shots I need to have- thinking on the fly, being quick to react and my smooth ninja moves all translate to me being able to get the job done while having a good time!

Bearing witness to someone’s wedding day is such an intimate adventure to be invited to. That I am given such open, honest and many times raw access to your life, family and friends is like a gift. I strive to show you how beautiful your life is. To share with you the smile that flashes across your Dad’s face as he sees you, the way your grandparents still hold hands when they walk, the way the light plays across the dance floor as you are in your husband’s arms. These fleeting moments all come together to tell your story in all its rich beauty.

And lastly, I don’t forget why I am doing what I do- providing a strong role model for my children. I want them to see that affecting people’s lives can come in so many different forms, and camera in hand I can, I have, and I will continue to do so!