Welcome to the proofing site for Carla Ten Eyck Photography! The studio is made up of Carla Ten Eyck, Katie Slater, Erik Maziarz and Julie Morawski, so no matter who your photographer was, your event proofing site will be here!

To access your event simply click on the name of the bride and groom’s event that you would like to see! Sign in is required to view all events and may be password protected! Keep in mind that all passwords are created by the bride and groom If you would like access to their event, please contact them directly. The studio does not control access to their images.

If you have any issues with logging in to your site please contact Pictage at 877.742.8243. Interested in an album or parent album? Please contact the studio via the contact tab on the site and we will get everything started!

If you don’t see your event name, please contact the studio at 860.906.1993 or email info@carlateneyck.com. We are happy to help!

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