2e3382f5b38ea0f12d4d26becbf7c573 Julie MorawskiHi. I’m Julie. I am new to the C10 team this year, and could not be any more excited about being here. I am surrounded by the most creative, hilarious, and supportive people. I am so very lucky. I recently moved back to CT (where I grew up) to be a part of the studio after several workshops and shooting gigs with Carla. I nearly died when Carla asked me to join the team…I could never have imagined that I would be a part of this amazing studio, no joke. I am enjoying checking out places that are new to me, and spending a lot more time with my family now that I’m back. I have a dog who is awesome, his name is Walter. I have the best friends in the entire world.


When I am not shooting,I am hanging out with those lovely friends I spoke about earlier and laughing until my stomach hurts. Oh, and I am pretty good at coming up with nicknames.


My shooting philosophy is all about capturing the beauty in natural moments, as they are happening without being intrusive. I like to catch fluttering eyelashes, genuine laughter, and smiles. My style is eclectic, creative, and artsy. I like to be different with my composition, try new things, and pretty details make me so, so happy. I like to have fun with my clients when I am shooting, and hope you all feel the same! To give you fair warning, I get “wedding hair” which some of you have seen before. My straight hair becomes curly and not pretty by the end of the night. Just throwing that out there.


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