Jazzy BIO Pic Jasmine BalgobinCheers! Jazzy here, representing the sub continental /eastern european mix
for the C10 studio. I’m originally from Philly and relocated back to Hartford a year ago and a half ago. I met Carla at her amazing and eye opening Back to Basics workshop last year and sincethen I’ve had the enormous and life changing honor of working as an editor for the studio and shooting and assisting with Carla. After this year of working with Carla, I have to say Carla is one of the best teachers I’ve ever encountered, she truly has a gift for teaching and sharing her passion. Additionally I’m pretty sure I have the best coworkers in the world. I’ve never met such a group of people that love to laugh as much as we do here. And I’ve been introduced to a new passion of scaring each other, then falling over laughing at how stilly we look doing it. Giddy doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel to be working as a second shooter next year for associate photographer, Julie Morawski. She talks like a fancy old lady.

My background is in fine arts and I hold painting and drawing very close to my heart. I love the process of creating artwork and appreciate how much it has taught me about myself. The things I’ve learned while painting have been some of my greatest lessons. Previously I’ve worked as a Muralist and Director of Community Arts programs in Camden, NJ and Philadelphia for inner city youth and the homeless.
I’m in love with summer and any place tropical. If there is a palm tree, I want to go. Travel and nomadic road trip activities of any kind speak to me, it makes my senses happy. Due to the fact that I’m perpetually cold, I can often be found walking around the studio in a blanket in 70 degree weather. I also love to eat. A nickname I’ve been given recently is Piglet, and I wear it proudly. Most importantly, I love to laugh. Mostly at myself and enjoy spending time with people who find humor in little things.

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