Hey now! Dave Noonan here, proud to be the new Associate Photographer to rep the C10 teDave N bio pic2 Dave Noonanam. Originally from and still residing on the west side of CT. Danbury to be exact. I am a Daddy to the the most gorgeous twin girls on this planet. They are my favorite stand up comedy team, and their middles names are Green and Blue. Coincidentally, their names match their eye color, cool huh?
I grew up with a love for the visual arts, all of of them. But as a punk rock kid, I always had an old Minolta SRT 101 in my bag shooting almost everything I found interesting while cruising around on my skateboard. I later went on to film school to study lighting for motion pictures. My dream job was always to be a Director Of Photography. And now, although the meaning is a little different, I am one!
I have been photographing professionally for about 5 years now. I originally made a name for myself in the photo world with my landscapes. Now, years later I am enjoying fusing my ethereal landscape work with my portrait and wedding work and have found my unique niche.
I love sushi & seafood, good beer, my music loud, and Puma sneakers.


Dave Noonan bio pics3 Dave Noonan