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Carla Ten Eyck

Carla Ten Eyck

seattle washington family portrait with carla ten eyck

I recently got the chance to visit with one of my oldest friends from my photo days at RIT, Gus. Oh, Gustav! Having Gus and his adorable little family in front of my camera again was like coming home. I have photographed Gus since freshman year in college, he was so good in front of the camera, had such presence and confidence and…. everyone adored shooting him. So much so, that our Photo 1 teacher Dan Larkin said no mas! Flash forward to Gus and Anna Fahey‘s wedding on the untamed Cypress Island in WA and it was like coming Read More

time with my friends

One of my favorite things to do besides spending serious quality time with my friends is to spend serious quality time with my friends while making their portraits! Some of you may know me for my colorful hair, and this is thanks to my close friend and stylist Catie Bane of Catie & Amy. We have been friends a long time, and our friendship started the way many of my current friendships started, through work. We did another good friends wedding together, Geoff and Kate Boka and I loved watching Catie work her magic on Kate… she was so… good! Read More

connecticut autumn engagement session with carla ten eyck

There are people who you meet and just know they are meant to be together, even if you don’t know them well, you just… know. Megan and Ante are those people for me! From the moment we first met (and pretty much laughed so easily the whole time…!) to the beautiful afternoon we spent together doing their engagement session at Elizabeth Park in Hartford … I just could feel their love and respect for each other so tangibly. I love seeing this, and makes me look forward to their wedding even more!!
I grew up going to Elizabeth Park Read More

block island family portrait session with carla ten eyck

In my industry, when a colleague hires you to photograph their most precious- their family- it is the highest honor for me. I don’t photograph a ton of families, I like to be selective and really make sure I have the time to spend with them to really draw them out and see who they are within the frame work of their family. Christen and Erik brought me over to Erik’s home town, Block island, Rhode Island and it was such a fantastic day! We started with a bang- with me literally fighting with my stupid navigation system on Read More

great gatsby shoot by carla ten eyck for the white dress in color

When I was younger I used to love playing dress up with my dolls. I would set up elaborate houses made of kleenex boxes and weird odds and ends that I would find to substitute for not having the Barbie Dream House! It was bootleg at best, but I had fun getting creative with what I had! Flash forward to today- and I pretty much am the same! Except… that I have friends in the industry who have access to some pretty pretty stuff, add models, sparkly stuff, a beautiful mansion and me and my camera and bada bing! Read More

C10 Studio e-zine volume three

There is so much I get excited about with my work, and one of the things that gets me fired up is being able to show my work the way that I think it should be shown. What better way to do this than by teaming up with my favorite designer like… EVAH… my bff Nichole Michel of Coral Pheasant Stationery and Design! Nichole has a way of seeing my work and laying out each page of my e-zine with such care… I look through this and forget this is my work each time!
I love sharing some of Read More

Mystic CT engagement session by Carla Ten Eyck

When I met Lisa and Jay for their engagement session in Mystic I was so excited. See Jay here is like the Mayor of Mystic. And while I thought I knew Mystic pretty well after spending years going down there Jay showed me areas of Mystic I just didn’t even know about! We started at my new favorite place for Happy Hour- The Oyster Club right on Water Street. They have $1 oysters! ONE DOLLAR! I am a huge oyster lover so this was (obviously) where we would end up after our shoot was done for some oysters and Read More

Guilford Yacht Club Wedding by Carla Ten Eyck

Brooks’ and Kevin’s Guilford Yacht Club wedding is one of my all time favorites, even to this day! The weather was absolute perfection, the mood for the day was happy, and light and everyone was just in the most happy mood all day! The colors kept me feeling pretty happy and bright too- who doesn’t love navy and yellow for a seaside tented wedding on the Connecticut shore? I know, right! Brooks designed the most perfect day and I just loved photographing every well thought out detail, from the picnic basket centerpieces filled with happy yellow flowers to the fun Read More

Gillian & Mike’s New York City Wedding by Carla Ten Eyck

What can I say about Miss Gillan and her husband Mike? They are two of the most kind, and funny people I have met, and spending time with them from their engagement session to their wedding was so… easy. Effortless. Like we were old friends! We all laughed easily, and man-oh-man they were both so incredibly comfortable in front of my camera! OK, so they are also both actors, so yes, that has a little to do with it… lucky me! Their New York City wedding at the Manhattan Penthouse was so beautiful and was filled with well-wishing family and friends. Read More

Riverview Wedding by Carla Ten Eyck

Ashley and Ray are the epitome of what I hope all my clients are: energetic, emotive and just head over heels in love. We can talk for hours, and I feel like a part of their family! Maybe photographing Ashley’s sister Jessica’s wedding a few years back broke me into the family a bit…! From Jessica’s wedding, I just was one of them. It was a given that I was going to be there for Ashley and Ray’s big day, and man I was counting down the days! Their families are so warm, so welcoming and I felt so safe Read More

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