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mechanics hall wedding by carla ten eyck

One wedding that has stood out to me over the years was the classic, beautiful Greek wedding of George and Demetra at Mechanics Hall in Worcester MA. There was so much tradition, family, love, laughing and old school chivalry happening all day, I couldn’t help but smile the entire day. …

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trump soho wedding with carla ten eyck and dm events

Going to school for photography certainly has its perks. Aside from the crazzyyyy student loans (which I finally paid off in 2012, and I graduated in 1995…yes. yes. omg. YES.) I was lucky enough to get some sizable scholarships to the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester NY (and …

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seattle washington family portrait with carla ten eyck

I recently got the chance to visit with one of my oldest friends from my photo days at RIT, Gus. Oh, Gustav! Having Gus and his adorable little family in front of my camera again was like coming home. I have photographed Gus since freshman year in college, he was …

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time with my friends

One of my favorite things to do besides spending serious quality time with my friends is to spend serious quality time with my friends while making their portraits! Some of you may know me for my colorful hair, and this is thanks to my close friend and stylist Catie Bane …

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connecticut autumn engagement session with carla ten eyck

There are people who you meet and just know they are meant to be together, even if you don’t know them well, you just… know. Megan and Ante are those people for me! From the moment we first met (and pretty much laughed so easily the whole time…!) to the …

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